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Amazon’s fast delivery times may be convenient for consumers, but they can come with dangerous consequences for others on the road.

A motorcyclist who lost his leg in a crash involving an Amazon delivery truck is suing the company after alleging that its policies are urging its drivers to engage in unsafe behaviors behind the wheel. Specifically, his lawsuit says that an Amazon-supplied GPS designed to map delivery routes distracted the truck driver and ultimately caused the accident that resulted in the loss of his leg.

In addition, drivers for the company are required to use a “Flex App” that notifies them when they are falling behind Amazon’s predicted delivery schedule. When drivers are late delivering packages, their pay may be reduced. This is not only distracting and stressful to drivers, but it can incentivize them to drive dangerously to make their deliveries on time.

Getting packages delivered quickly is never worth risking people’s wellbeing or lives—especially when those delivery schedules put unrealistic and dangerous demands on drivers. If you or someone you love was injured in a crash with an Amazon delivery vehicle or truck, it may be because the driver was being pushed beyond reasonable and safe expectations by their employer.

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