The Link Between NDMA and Valsartan and Why It Matters

NDMA and Valsartan: What You Should Know NDMA, or N-Nitrosodimethylamine, is a byproduct of both industrial and natural processes, and therefore can be found in the environment naturally or as a result of various manufacturing processes. The chemical has been classified as a “probable human carcinogen” by the EPA. The EPA Technical Fact Sheet on [...]

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Valsartan Recall: The Top 7 Things Patients Should Know

I May Have Been Affected by the Valsartan Recall. What Are the Most Important Things for Me to Know? The recent FDA recall of a popular blood pressure and heart failure medication due to contamination with a cancer-causing agent has left millions of patients feeling confused, angry, and misled. Attorneys at Wagner Reese are hard [...]

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Be More Careful in Parking Lots During the Holiday Season

Parking Lot Accidents Peak During the Holiday Shopping Season Parking lot accidents naturally trend this time of year, naturally because of the heavy shopping season and more people congregating in centralized areas. These temporary homes to hundreds of cars and trucks quickly become a mixed bag of preoccupied, impatient, distracted, and hurried drivers where everyone, [...]

Are Nursing Homes Failing America’s Veterans?

America’s Veterans Battle Another Case of Negligent Nursing Home Care U.S. lawmakers are demanding answers after another report of veterans being neglected at a one-star rated 112-bed nursing home in Brockton, Massachusetts. A horrific response highlighted in the report by U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs agents expressed, “We have significant concern about the blatant disregard [...]

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What to Do If Your Losartan Medication is Recalled

Additional Blood Pressure Medication Losartan Recalled Over Cancer Risks The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has again announced a third blood pressure medication recall over concerns the drug Losartan may be contaminated with impurity N-Nitrosodiethylamine (NDEA). NDEA may increase cancer risks or cause health issues as the organic chemical is classified as a probable human carcinogen. [...]

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Recalled A. O. Smith Water Heaters Can Be a Fire Hazard

Do You Have a Recalled Water Heater Made by A. O. Smith? The number of fatal fires is up across the state, according to Indiana’s Department of Homeland Security, totaling 70 fire deaths in 2017. From January through October 11, 2018, Indiana has already seen 68 deaths. Nationwide, 45,000 – 55,000 home fires are caused [...]

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Crash and Injury Factors for Electric Scooter Drivers

Indiana University Student Injured with Severe Head Trauma While Riding Electric Scooter Police say a 20-year-old Indiana University student remained hospitalized after a recent accident driving an electric scooter. Several witnesses report seeing the scooter traveling south on Fee Lane when the driver suddenly lost control and crashed near the intersection of Law Lane. An [...]

10 Ways Hoosiers Can Become Better I-465 Drivers 

Crash on I-465 Involved Two Semi-Trucks, a Work Vehicle, and Pickup Truck Indiana State Police reported three people were left in critical condition due to an evening pileup, chain reaction accident on I-465 involving two semi-trucks, a U.S. Mail truck, and a pickup truck. Three of the drivers were critically injured, and the fourth driver involved [...]

Five Ways You Can Cut Down On Drowsy Driving

Help Spread the Message and Prevent Drowsy Driving Related Crashes Drowsy Driving Awareness has kicked off this November with groups such as the American Sleep Foundation, AAA, and the Governors Highway Safety Association, all pushing the message that too many American drivers are getting behind the wheel while feeling drowsy or fatigued. According to the [...]

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Horrible Bus Tragedy in Fulton County

Tippecanoe Valley School Bus Tragedy Reminds Drivers What to Do When Approaching a School Bus Everyone at Wagner Reese, including our family members and close friends, have kept heavy hearts, thoughts, and prayers for the family of the twin boys and their big sister who were recently killed in the Fulton County school bus accident [...]

The Flu Can Be Deadly When It Sweeps Through Nursing Homes

Flu Complications Can Be Deadly When Nursing Homes Residents are Neglected The 2017-2018 influenza season ended with evidence of 117 Indiana long-term care systems struggling with influenza outbreaks and hundreds of preventable flu-related illnesses for its residents, most of whom were being treated in nursing home settings. It was one of the deadliest years for [...]

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Four Types of Spinal Cord Injuries from Car Accidents

Spinal Cord Injuries Are Most Commonly Caused by Motor Vehicle Accidents   Spinal cord injuries and related traumas to the back, head and neck can be caused by motorcycle crashes, motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, or even falls. Some of these injuries to the spine can be triggered by birth diseases and medical mishaps during surgeries [...]

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