8 Safety Tips to Motorcycling in More Perilous Autumn Conditions

Your Guide to Fall Motorcycle Riding With the autumn months soon arriving to the Hoosier state, motorcyclists are pulling their bikes out for longer road trips, logging the miles across Indiana’s scenic roadways in hopes for one last motorcycle getaway. And with data collectors seeing a jump in the amount of motorcycles on the road [...]

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Construction Zone Accident on I-65 Shows Risk of Semi-Trucks

Truck Driver Fatality In I-65 Construction Zone Highlights Semi’s Risk According to local reports, an Ohio truck driver recently died after an early morning crash on I-65 in Clinton County. Indiana State Police say a three-vehicle crash happened around 1 a.m. in a construction zone on northbound I-65 just north of the State Road 28/158 [...]

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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Likely Cause of Death for Two Indiana Boaters

Boaters Die of Possible Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Porter County It is suspected that carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning is the cause of death for two people found inside a boat docked at a northwest Indiana harbor in Porter County. The Portage Fire Department found toxic levels of CO inside the cabin and official toxicology tests are being [...]

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Minnesota Farmers Seek Justice Against Syngenta This Week

The legal battle between farmers and Syngenta over whether the Swiss giant rushed to market a genetically modified corn seed, causing millions of tons of lost sales, will come to a head in Minnesota state court today The trial, scheduled to last 2-3 weeks, pits 22,000 Minnesota corn growers against Syngenta.  The jury will decide [...]

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What Hoosiers Should Know About Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Common Questions About Medical Malpractice Suits Indiana was the first state to pass medical malpractice reform legislation in 1975. Medical malpractice is a negligent act that occurs during the treatment of a medical condition of a patient. It is due to the professional health care provider or medical practitioner not conforming to accepted standard of care. Some examples of [...]

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Is Your Workplace Furnished With Adequate Safety Equipment?

Personal Protective Equipment Must Be Provided To Avoid Worker Injuries Personal protective equipment (PPE) is work equipment worn to minimize exposure to a variety of hazards that cause serious workplace injuries and illnesses resulting from contact with chemical, radiological, physical, electrical, mechanical, or other workplace hazards. PPE may include items such as gloves, safety glasses [...]

Car Safety: Indiana Child Passenger Laws and Recommendations

Child Passenger Safety Week Buckles Up On September 17 Latest National Safety Council statistics show that more than three children a day, a total of 1,346 children under age 15, were killed in motor vehicle crashes making car wrecks the leading cause of death for children in 2015. Experts believe that while properly securing children [...]

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5 of the Most Common Indiana Workers’ Compensation FAQs Answered

Five Common Workers’ Compensation Claim Questions Answered Four out of every 100 workers are injured or killed each year on the job in Indiana. Most of these injuries or deaths are the result of physically demanding jobs and jobs that have potentially dangerous and harmful conditions, especially if safety measures are not followed. Here are [...]

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Firefighters Twice As Likely as Rest of Population to Develop Cancer

Indiana Legislator Supports Firefighter Cancer Registry Act of 2017 Firefighters are at a significantly increased risk for developing cancer, especially testicular cancer, prostate cancer, multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. U.S. Rep. Trey Hollingsworth, Indiana's 9th Congressional District representative, has co-sponsored legislation aimed at tackling increased cancer rates among firefighters. The Firefighter Cancer Registry Act, would [...]

Campus Safety Tips for Your College Student this Fall

Keeping Your College Student Safe Campus safety remains a national concern as the number of crimes and tragedies occurring at universities across the U.S. increases each year. In fact, the National Center for Education Statistics report there are as many as 27,000 criminal incidents reported to police and security agencies each year against persons and [...]