The Risks Associated with Traveling in a 15-Passenger Van

Large Passenger Vans Are More Dangerous Than You Think Sports teams, college and school organizations, commuters, companies, day cares, nursing homes and senior centers, as well as many church groups use large passenger vans for transport most often. While these large vehicles, not to be confused with smaller passenger vans and minivans, may be convenient [...]

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Home Fires Three Times More Likely Around Thanksgiving and Christmas

Holiday Cooking Triples Risk of Home Fires   It’s likely your family is ready to enjoy the upcoming holiday season with family, friends, and great food. To get there safely though, it is important to recognize that Thanksgiving is the peak day for home cooking fires, followed by the day before Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, [...]

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6 Tips to Prepare Your Car for the Indiana Winter

Is Your Car Ready For a Hoosier Winter? Indiana can be such a beautiful state during the cooler months, but this time of year can also serve up a mix of hazardous weather that an unprepared driver or car can’t handle. With a true Hoosier snowfall yet to arrive, we want you to feel good [...]

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Amazon Fined Following Forklift Death of Indiana Warehouse Worker

State Fine Looms Over Amazon Worker Death The Indiana Department of Labor has slapped mega online seller Amazon with a $28,000 state fine over several safety violations that resulted from a warehouse worker’s death after a forklift lift fell on him. The IDL’s order says, “Amazon didn’t provide adequate training and safety procedures weren’t followed” [...]

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Target Pulls Some Fidget Spinners Off Shelves Due to Lead Dangers

Major Retailer Removes Several Lead Coated Fidget Spinners from Shelves There is no question that a fidget spinner may be on your child’s holiday gift list but the popular handheld three-pronged pieces made of plastic or metal can also be potentially dangerous to their health. Not only can the popular toy cause dangerous distractions, fall apart [...]

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Firefighter Struck and Killed By Drunk Driver In Southwest Indiana

Cannelburg Firefighter Killed by Drunken Driver in Secondary Crash A 26-year-old volunteer firefighter from Cannelburg has been accused of crashing his truck into three other firefighters' vehicles, killing one. The firefighters had been assisting in a crash about 115 miles southwest of Indianapolis in Daviess County. The young firefighter arrived at the scene to assist, [...]

Alcohol-Induced Crashes Trending Up In Marion County

Indianapolis Alcohol Fueled Crashes Hiked in 2016 In spite of Indiana ranking well for being home to low rates of drunk driving incidents, the 2016 Indiana Officer’s Standard Crash Report says otherwise for one specific municipality. Many Hoosiers may be shocked to review the drastic rise of alcohol infused crashes in Marion County since 2015, [...]

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37 Million Fire Extinguishers Recalled From Homes, Vehicles, RVs, and Boats

Do You Have a Recalled Kidde Fire Extinguisher in Your Home, Business, RV, or Boat? Earlier this month, the Consumer Product Safety Commission put out the recall for more than 37 million Kidde fire extinguishers with plastic handles, the kind commonly used by homeowners as a safety guard against unexpected fires. The recall claims the fire extinguishers, “can [...]

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Worker Killed By Excavator In Hobart Construction Accident

Worker Pinned and Killed in Tragic Hobart Excavator Accident A construction crew was recently replacing sewer lines near Lakeshore Drive and Pennsylvania Street in Hobart when an excavator accident occurred that took the life of a 62-year-old worker from South Haven. Reports from the Hobart Fire Department and Technical Rescue Team say it is believed an [...]

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4 Most Common Causes of Injury During Indiana Deer Hunting Season

Deer Hunters Beware: ATVs, Trespassing, Misfire Accidents, and Tree Stand Falls Can Cause Serious Injury November 18th thru December 3rd marks Indiana’s peak firearm deer hunting season, meaning gun-rifle season is fast approaching and hunters of all types will soon be looking for the best location to fire their first shots. Crown Hill Cemetery and [...]