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What is a USDOT Number and Why is it Necessary?

You might be new to the transportation and trucking business and are asking why trucks need USDOT numbers. The answer to this question becomes clear when you better understand what a USDOT number is.

A USDOT number is an identifier for your company and your vehicle so the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) can keep track of your vehicle and monitor your safety record. This record shows if you have been involved in any accidents or have been non-compliant with regulations placed on transport and commerce.

It is important when hauling cargo, especially hazardous materials, that drivers and companies are held accountable for their safety records. It would be unsafe for unqualified people to be able to haul certain types of cargo. A record of the vehicle used for transport can also ensure that drivers have the appropriate licenses and certifications to operate their vehicles.

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Which Trucks are Required to Have USDOT Numbers?

You must have a USDOT number if your vehicle is used to transport certain kinds and quantities of hazardous materials either within or outside your state of residence so the material can be tracked. These materials include radioactive and explosive materials, materials deemed poisonous by inhalation, and liquid gas.

A USDOT number is also required if your vehicle weighs over 10,001 pounds, is specifically designed to carry more than eight passengers for compensation, or is designed to carry more than fifteen passengers for any reason.

There are also requirements for USDOT numbers if you are involved in interstate commerce, which is between two places outside your state of origin or outside of the United States.

The Process of Obtaining a USDOT Number for Trucks

The process of obtaining a USDOT number can be confusing for someone who has never filed before. It requires gathering several documents and applying online. After applying online, you still must wait for the application to be approved or denied.

The Consequences of Not Having a USDOT Number

The biggest consequence of not having a USDOT number on your truck is a fine; while potentially starting low, it can quickly add up for each additional infraction. There are different fines that can be issued for different infractions, and they can be significantly more expensive.

You should not risk a fine eating into your company’s profits. Allow the team at Wagner Reese to navigate the process for you and save you time and money. By the end of the process, you will be glad that you registered your vehicle to stay in compliance, as you do not run the risk of your profits being affected.

How Wagner Reese, LLP Can Assist Trucking Companies in Obtaining and Maintaining USDOT Numbers

Wagner Reese is well-versed in the process of obtaining a USDOT number. Our team has helped numerous clients file and obtain their numbers quickly and painlessly. Allow us to use our experience and knowledge to help you through the process instead of trying to navigate the application process on your own. We will make sure that your number gets to you as quickly as possible.

Common Legal Issues Related to USDOT Number Violations

Repeated failure to comply with regulations about USDOT number violations can be used against you in lawsuits. If the judge rules in favor of the entity that is taking you to court, then you could be ordered to pay much more than the fines that you have been paying previously. It is best to avoid this potential issue by remaining compliant and acquiring a USDOT number.

The Importance of Compliance With USDOT Number Regulations

Having a USDOT number allows state and federal agencies to carefully monitor the audits and regular inspections being performed. This keeps a high level of safety throughout the transportation industry, reducing unnecessary danger to the public.

The Lack of a USDOT Number Can Lead to Serious Consequences

In addition to safety concerns due to lack of proper oversight, you can face additional consequences. Trucks are required to have USDOT numbers to operate. Allowing your USDOT number to become inactive will cost you time and money to reactivate it, as well as the possibility of your license being revoked.

Staying Updated with USDOT Number Requirements

Trucking companies can stay up-to-date with USDOT numbers by checking their status online. The FMCSA does not charge for USDOT number updates. When your USDOT numbers must be updated, it can be done online or through the mail.

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