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One of the worst truths of sexual assault incidents is that most incidents are never known or reported. Both children and adult survivors of sexual assault are usually and understandably intimidated into silence. At Wagner Reese, our Indiana injury attorneys proudly be their voices.

The criminal justice system is there to penalize sexual assault offenders with incarceration and fines paid to the state. It is not, however, part of the civil justice system. In order to secure deserved compensation — as well as to seek closure — you must bring a civil claim forward. This is where we step in and take a stand for you.

We will bring a claim against any and all who commit sexual assault, such as:

  • Clergy members
  • Teachers, educators, and daycare providers
  • Trainers, such as Gymnastics coaches
  • Coworkers, supervisors, and employers
  • Nursing home orderlies and staff
  • Government agents and officers

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There is no way to erase the unthinkable harm done through an act of sexual abuse. Financial compensation can help bring peace of mind and closure, though. In many cases, it is absolutely necessary to pay for medical bills and lost wages associated with the immediate emotional and physical harm caused by sexual assault. Taking legal action is your right, and we are here to help you exercise it. This is our passion and our calling.

Sexual Abuse May Take Many Forms

While many cases of sexual abuse involve physical sexual acts, not all do. Sexual abuse can take many forms, all of them damaging.

Examples of nonphysical sexual abuse include:

  • Exposing young children to pornographic images.
  • Photographing someone in illicit positions and distributing the images without permission.
  • Pressuring another into committing a sexual act.
  • Using coercion or authority to convince another to commit a sexual act.

Lasting Harm Caused by Sexual Abuse & Assault

Some incidents of sexual abuse are violent enough to cause the victim to suffer a physical injury. The treatments needed to alleviate that injury can be costly. However, some of the worst harm caused by sexual abuse is entirely emotional and mental. People who have been sexually assaulted are often traumatized for life.

Sexual assault survivors may experience or develop:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Extreme distrust of others
  • Crippling fear
  • Inability to connect socially

As a result of emotional trauma, sexual abuse survivors may find it difficult to attend school or hold gainful employment. The consequence can be damaged finances due to an inability to make a livable income. The civil case Wagner Reese files on your behalf against the person who sexual abused you will take such financial losses into account.

Find Confidence with Our Legal Representation

Our sexual abuse attorneys of Wagner Reese in Indiana approach sexual assault claims with the sensitivity and urgency you expect and deserve. We are absolutely dedicated to holding individual sexual abusers and institutions that enable them — such as some universities and Catholic dioceses in recent news stories — accountable. There is no opposition large or strong enough to make us back down when there is so much on the line.

Start seeking justice and closure today. Call (888) 204-8440 or contact us online. All inquiries are confidential to protect your best interests.


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