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Defective product injuries can occur when a product that is available for consumer use is faulty, or when an item does not perform within the manufacturers original intent. Product liability refers to the responsibility of the manufacturer or producer of a consumer product that is dangerous, defective, harmful, or otherwise unsafe to use and does not meet the standards for safety. The responsible parties can include the company that made or produced the product, the maker of parts for a product, and/or the store that ultimately sold the product to consumers.

While some products are potentially hazardous by nature (power tools, knives, ladders, and more), products like these must come with warning labels. Product liability comes in three forms: design defects, manufacturing defects, and warning defects.

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    Types of Product Liability Cases

    • Design Defect: A design defect occurs when the original design of a product contains a defect that makes it unsafe. For example, if a coffee cup was designed so that the bottom melted whenever hot liquid was poured inside of it, thereby burning whoever was holding the cup, it would fall under the category of a design defect.
    • Manufacturing Defect: A product can be labeled with a manufacturing defect if the design of the product was sound but an error was made in the production process which resulted in an unsafe product. For example, if a desk was manufactured without several of the screws which were required to hold it together, but those screws were originally in the design blueprint, the product would fall into the category of a manufacturing defect.
    • Warning Defect: Manufacturers have a duty to provide warnings that offer foreseeable dangers that may be associated with the use or misuse of any given product. If a product does not come with sufficient warnings or instructions to prevent dangers associated with its use, and an injury occurs, the product falls under the category of a warning defect. For example, if a lawnmower did not come with instructions on how to clean the discharge shoot, with nothing warning that there is a sharp blade inside of it, and an injury is sustained from the blade, this would qualify as a warning defect.

    If you or a loved one have sustained an injury due to a defect and need assistance in filing a product liability lawsuit, contact the lawyers of Wagner Reese in IndianaPolis. With decades of experience in fighting back against manufacturers and corporations of all kinds, our Indianapolis product liability lawyers hold companies to higher standards to produce quality materials that won’t injure or harm people. The legal team at Wagner Reese knows how to help you.


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