Wagner Reese, LLP Handles Complex Legal Matters

The Indianapolis personal injury lawyers at Wagner Reese are frequently brought into complicated or difficult plaintiffs’ cases by other attorneys. We receive referrals from Indiana defense attorneys with conflicts of interest; solo or small practitioners who want to outsource cases involving significant attorney hours; large law firms seeking representation for their best clients; and out-of-state attorneys looking for a local lawyer.

In addition, we accept many of our cases on a referral and co-counsel basis, paying referral and co-counsel fees per the Indiana Rules of Professional Conduct.

The Advantages of Wagner Reese

Competent, experienced and aggressive representation

When you refer a case to another attorney, you want to know that the case will be handled competently and moved toward a prompt and favorable conclusion. Our lawyers aggressively push cases toward resolution, whether by settlement or trial. The last thing you or your client want is for a referred case to sit on someone’s desk because they are busy handling other “more important” cases. Every case is important to us, especially cases referred by other attorneys. We don’t just want one referral–we want to be your go-to firm for all future referrals.

Regular updates by email

Have you ever referred a case to another attorney and found that you never hear from that attorney again, or you only hear from them if you make repeated inquiries? Not with our firm. We will keep you informed on the status of your referral on a regular basis by email. If you refer multiple cases to our firm, we will send you a quarterly spreadsheet with case status, anticipated date of resolution, and anticipated attorney fees.

Flexible referral and co-counsel fees

Indiana ethical rules allow for a fee split between attorneys not in the same firm as long as (1) each attorney assumes joint responsibility for the representation, (2) the client agrees to the arrangement, including the share each attorney will receive, in writing, and (3) the total fee is reasonable. See Indiana Rule of Professional Conduct 1.5(e), as amended and effective January 1, 2005. Our philosophy is to be flexible when agreeing to a fee split or co-counsel fee, depending on your ongoing involvement in the case, who pays expenses, the overall value of the claim and whether the case is tried to a jury or appealed. When the case you refer settles or we obtain a judgment and collect our attorney fee, we will immediately send you a check for the referral or co-counsel fees, along with a settlement sheet outlining the client’s distribution.


Case Results

$17 million

Catastrophic Injury

$10 million

Catastrophic Injury

$6.62 million

Construction Accident

$6.5 million

Wrongful Death

$4.57 million

Truck Accident

$4 million

Vehicle Accident

$3.7 million

Catastrophic Injury

$3.3 million

Personal Injury

$3 million

Construction Accident

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