Over our 20+ years in practice, the Wagner Reese, LLP team has successfully recovered numerous million- and multimillion-dollar settlements and jury verdicts for our clients. With every case we accept, we strive to secure the full, fair recovery our clients are owed. We believe you shouldn’t have to settle for the first low offer from the liable insurance party; instead, we are committed to fighting for the maximum compensation you deserve. We are tireless advocates for our clients. Browse our case results to see how we have helped our clients and, if you need a personal injury attorney in Indianapolis, contact us today for a free consultation.

$22 million

Wrongful Death

$17 million

Catastrophic Injury

Gas explosion settlement for burn victims.

$14 million

Sex Abuse Victim

$14 Million settlement for sex abuse victim.

$10 million

Catastrophic Injury

Wagner Reese obtained a policy limits settlement for a toddler and mother who were badly burned in a natural gas flash fire resulting from And him properly maintained water heater in an apartment complex.

$6.62 million

Construction Accident

While working on a construction site for a commercial building, a worker suffered catastrophic injuries due to negligence by one of the subcontractors. A global settlement between parties sharing responsibility was reached for over $6.625M for the worker.

$6.5 million

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death settlement for wife and mother of three children due to semi-truck negligence.

$5 million

Construction Site

$5 Million recovered for construction site accident.

$4.57 million

Truck Accident

Underinsured motorist claim against a truck driver’s employer. The truck driver was operating a truck and was transporting materials near Tampa, Florida when he witnessed a motor vehicle accident and stopped to render help to the accident victims. During the course of the rescue efforts, another vehicle came along and struck the vehicle and seriously injured the truck driver. Suit was filed against the wrong doers employers underinsured motorist carrier. The underinsured motorist insurance company denied coverage. After years of litigation in federal court our client was acting like a “Good Samaritan” and therefore he was required to stop under Florida statute and render aid when he witnessed the initial collision. Therefore, coverage existed and underinsured motorists benefits applied.

$4 million

Vehicle Accident

Settlement for primary bread-winner father and husband killed as a result of negligence of a semi-tractor trailer operator who filed to yield the right-of-way.

$3.7 million

Catastrophic Injury

A young man suffered paralysis to his lower body when a bucket of parts was negligently dropped on his head. The defendant argued that the client was a co-worker of the employee that dropped the bucket on him, thus limiting our client to worker’s compensation benefits. Wagner Reese argued that they were not co-employees because even though they work at the same plant, they were employed and paid by two separate companies. The case settled out of court after the Judge agreed that our client was employed by a different employer.

$3.3 million

Personal Injury

Settlement in tree fall case resulting in paralysis from the chest down in case involving comparative fault issues

$3 million

Truck Accident

A truck driver on methamphetamines made an illegal U-turn on a highway, causing a wife and mother of two off the road, resulting in her tragic death.