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Erika Wells was a beloved member of the Indianapolis Community. She was
a popular teacher at Rhoades Elementary School in Wayne County, where
she had taught for 15 years. She was an active member of Indy Runners and the
Central Indiana Bicycling Association. Last week, she was engaged in her passion for bicycling when she was
hit and killed by a semi along Indiana 37.

The accident happened at 9:30 in the morning as the 38-year-old kindergarten
teacher biked north on Indiana 37. The investigation of the south side
accident is still ongoing, but police believe the semi left the roadway
just before the accident. The truck driver stayed on the scene and has
been cooperating with police throughout the process. Alcohol does not
appear to have been a factor.

With Increasing Numbers of Cyclists, Accidents are Increasing Slowly

The number of Indianapolis residents using their bicycles to commute or
as a recreational activity has been increasing exponentially. Fortunately,
the number of deaths caused by bicycle collisions with vehicles has not
increased equally. Bicycle accidents have, however, increased slowly over
the past several years. Indiana averages around 13-14 bicycle accident
fatalities each year and is the 13th most dangerous state for cyclists.

Nationwide, there are over 700 deaths and nearly 50,000 injuries as a result
of bicycle accidents involving crashes with motor vehicles.

Injuries from Bicycle Accidents Can Be Severe

Due to a general lack of protection when compared to a person in a car,
bicyclists like Erika Wells who are involved in accidents with automobiles
are likely to be very severely injured. Common injuries include shoulder,
neck, and back injuries, broken bones, concussions, and more severe traumatic
brain injuries. Cyclists are advised to protect themselves by wearing
a helmet and adhering to safety tips on cycling, but the reality is there
is not much they can do that will eliminate the risk of serious injury,
particularly if drivers of passenger cars or other motor vehicles are
driving unsafely.

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