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Car crashes are scary experiences. When you are pregnant, your fear is even greater, because of the risks to your unborn child. Your baby may suffer life-changing injuries that would require ongoing medical attention for years, if not a lifetime.

If you get into a car accident while pregnant, here are some things you must do right away to keep you and your baby safe.

1.    Call the Police

Although the cars may only show minor damage, a police report still needs to be filed to support an insurance claim. When you call 911, dispatchers can send police officers to the scene of the car accident. The officers will ask you and the other driver to give statements and evaluate the accident.

If you require immediate medical attention, emergency services will be summoned at the same time to transport you to the hospital.

2.    Let Emergency Services Know You’re Pregnant

You should let everyone know you are pregnant, including the 911 operator, the police officers, and the emergency first responders. Emergency personnel may follow different emergency procedures than they would for a non-pregnant individual to make sure that you and your baby are safe.

3.    Seek Medical Attention

Getting medical attention right away allows a first responder to make sure you and your baby can get treatment for any injuries. If you suffered serious injuries in your car accident, then you should go to the hospital. Here are some of the signs to look out for that indicate your baby suffered trauma from your accident: 

  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Signs of bleeding or spotting
  • Being unable to concentrate or feeling dizzy
  • Changes in the baby’s movements or no movement
  • Constant vomiting
  • Swollen fingers or facial swelling

Even when your car accident was minor, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor. There is still a possibility your baby was hurt even if you just have a few bruises.

4.    Get Contact Information and Call the Insurance Company

Exchange names, addresses, and insurance information with the other driver. If you could not get the driver’s contact information, you can find it in the police report. If you have any witnesses who can help prove who was at fault, get their contact information too.

If possible, take pictures of the cars and their positions on the road, including any skid marks, impact points on the vehicles, and debris.

Make sure you contact your insurance company with the details about your car accident so you can file a claim.

5. Call a Lawyer

Working with a car accident lawyer after a car crash can help you get compensation for the damage to your vehicle, and if necessary, for any injuries to or the loss of your child.

The Risks of a Car Accident to Your Baby

When a mother is pregnant, an accident might cause these complications for her baby:

Premature Birth:

A woman might go into early labor following a traumatic car accident. The term “premature birth” refers to giving birth before 37 weeks of pregnancy. A baby who hasn’t had time to fully develop in the uterus can suffer many medical problems later in life, such as blindness, hearing loss, and learning disabilities.

  • Injuries to the Uterus:

The uterus is larger during pregnancy, making it more vulnerable to injury. If a pregnant woman gets hurt in a car accident, there could be a chance of a ruptured uterus. Women who have uterine ruptures are more likely to die during pregnancy or have a baby who dies before birth.

  • Infection:

If glass is introduced into the mother’s womb during the accident, the baby may get an infection. This can cause a life-threatening condition called septic shock if it’s not caught and treated immediately.

  • Placental Abruption:

The placenta is in charge of carrying blood to the baby. A placental abruption occurs when it separates from the uterus, leaving the fetus without oxygen or nutrients and causing the mother to bleed heavily. It can make a mother go into labor early or even have a miscarriage.

  • Miscarriage:

An expectant mother can suffer shock, blood loss, or organ failure in a serious car accident. Any of these conditions can result in a devastating miscarriage without prompt medical care.

If you or your baby are injured in a car accident, talk to a car accident injury lawyer. The Indianapolis car accident lawyers at Wagner Reese can help you determine your best legal options after an accident, including what damages you can sue for and what your injury claim is worth.

For more information and to learn your next steps, contact our law firm for a free case evaluation today.