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Teen Drunk Driving Increases Risky Behavior Road Threats

Drivers are currently traveling during one of the deadliest times of the
year to be on the road. According to the
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 1000 people are killed in traffic accidents during the period
between Memorial Day and Labor Day and more than half of those killed
are teenagers. Although drivers under the age of 21 represent a small
portion of licensed drivers, teens and young drivers are responsible for
17 percent of fatal alcohol-related crashes. Approximately 2,000 underage
drinkers die each year while operating a motor vehicle leaving alcohol
as the major contributor in a third of all teenage car wreck fatalities.

Parents Can Help Keep Teen Drivers Safe

Teen drivers are more often on the road during summer months, with fewer
obligations than adults. They often spend their time driving around with
friends, enjoying activities and parties that can often involve alcohol.
Since teens have a tendency to binge drink, they are more reckless, and
make poor driving decisions like not wearing a seatbelt.

There are several factors that can help keep young people safe from car
crashes during the summer and prevent them from driving drunk. Most include
parental involvement, the minimum legal drinking age and Indiana’s
zero tolerance laws. These steps can protect the lives of young drivers
and everyone who shares the road with them.

  • Let your teen driver know not to drink and drive because the consequences
    can be deadly for themselves and others. Not even one drink is OK. Remind
    them to never get in a car with a friend who has been drinking.
  • Teens (and all drivers alike) should wear a seat belt at all times. Seatbelts
    will significantly reduce their risk of serious injury if they are driving
    drunk or traveling with someone who is.
  • Remind your teen of Indiana’s drunk driving laws and the consequences.
    The drinking age in Indiana is 21 and consumption of alcohol by anyone
    under 21 is illegal with no exceptions. Because underage drinkers cause
    a disproportionate number of alcohol-related auto fatalities, the standards
    are stricter and the penalties harsher for those under 21. Indiana has
    a “zero tolerance” policy for driving and alcohol use by those
    who are under 21 years old.
  • Create a code and encourage your teen to use their phone to text you to
    let you know they need your help but are worried about what friends may
    say. For example, your teen may text your pet’s name to you or write
    “I think I’m having a problem with my allergies, can you meet
    me here?” when they want to get out of a situation and not feel
    embarrassed. Remind them of the code often, especially during busy summer
    months when they may be traveling with friends more often.

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