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  • Technology equipped vehicles and self-driving cars and trucks could reduce
    the incidence of fatal traffic accidents up to 90 percent just by removing
    common human errors like delayed braking.
  • Ford has made another step towards its move to create innovative vehicle
    technology and has released plans to launch a new advanced driver assistance
    system with multi-safety features in late 2018.
  • Company plans for a system called Ford Co-Pilot say vehicles equipped with
    new software will automatically brake to avoid collisions and alert drivers
    when a vehicle is entering a blind spot or when cross traffic is approaching
    from behind.
  • It is impossible not to consider how these new technology features are
    set to fit into motor vehicle accident claims as we have seen injuries
    and fatalities related to similar systems recently occur right here in the U.S.

Ford Technology Catches Up with Advanced Driver Assistance Program

Historic car maker Ford has announced it will release a new advanced driver
assistance system in late 2018 that will add to the mix of dozens of other
technology heavy and autonomous motor vehiclefeature pushes trending in
the U.S. and across the globe. The technology system pinged as Ford Co-Pilot,
was created with features that can automatically brake a vehicle to avoid
collisions with other motorists or pedestrians. The new system will also
alert drivers when a vehicle is entering a blind spot or when cross traffic
is approaching from behind, such as when the driver is backing out of
a driveway or parking spot with the help of its reverse camera. It also
helps the car stay in lanes and alert the driver if the vehicle begins
to drift and help avoid head-on collisions caused by sleepy, inattentive
drivers. Additionally, Ford Co-Pilot will be well-equipped for night driving
with automatic high beams.

Minus higher-end luxury brands, most of Ford’s competitors already
have at least one of these features in place to assist drivers today,
but Ford may be the only car maker to have one system that offers it all.

When In-Car Technologies Trump Driver Common Sense

The team at
Wagner Reese continues to support safe driving practices but we do so by providing
sound advice based on the most current research and laws, intelligent
legal strategies, and the vigorous representation backed by the support
needed to maximize injury settlements. It would be tough not to consider
how new technology features like Ford’s Co-Pilot are set to fit
into the car accident claim scenario especially since we all have probably
heard about the occurrences of technology and software fails causing deadly
crashes on the road. If those events start to happen here in Indiana,
we want to ensure those at fault will be held accountable.

We are always excited to hear about safe driving technologies in the hopes
that they will prevent injuries and save lives, and we will continue to
report back on what is coming next for Indiana drivers on the topic of
autonomous cars and advanced driver technology systems.

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