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Each year more than six million traffic accidents occur in the United States.
In Indiana, that number is 188,841 (Indiana University, School of Public
and Environmental Health, 2012). Additionally, 718 of those Hoosier accidents
were deadly and resulted in 779 fatalities, a 6.5 percent increase from 2011.

With numbers like that it is not uncommon for
traffic accident victims to experience many feelings in the days and weeks to follow. For most
people these feelings can be normal and they are able to cope and move
on. Other people have feelings that are strong and long lasting. Those
feelings can include shock, trouble acknowledging being in wreck, confusion
and anger, anxiety and worry, nervousness and fear of realizing they could
have died, guilt and general trouble moving on. Many of these people also
keep going over the accident in their minds, causing them to constantly
be thinking about it while trying to work, go to school, or while parenting.
The accident has stopped them from being able to carry on with their regular
daily activities, especially if they have also been injured. Life can
become very difficult for these accident victims and they may be experiencing
a condition called post-traumatic stress.

American Academy of Physicians says if you have post-traumatic stress, you are likely to have other relatable
problems such as:

  • An ongoing, general feeling of uneasiness
  • Problems driving or riding in vehicles
  • Not wanting to have medical tests or procedures done
  • Irritability, or excessive worry or anger
  • Nightmares or trouble sleeping
  • A feeling that you’re not connected to other events or people
  • Ongoing memories of the accident that you can’t stop or control

Moving Your Life Forward After A Car Accident

If you have been in a car accident and think you are experiencing post-traumatic
stress, you will want to see your family doctor. They can evaluate you
and may suggest medication to help you. A doctor might advise you stay
active and exercise often and take part in your routine activities to
keep you busy. Make sure you aren’t doing anything though that would
further bother any personal injuries you sustained during the accident.
Have your family doctor make a medical note of how much you can do safely.
In addition, be sure to talk with a health expert like a counselor and
rely on friends and relatives to explain the details of the accident.
Talking about what you are feeling can help you cope.

When you are ready to get back on the road, take some lessons on how to
become a defensive driver. Experts agree you can also feel better knowing
you are lowering your risk of future accidents or injuries by driving
defensively and carefully.

Speak with a personal injury lawyer if the accident you were involved in has taken a serious toll on your
health and well-being. No one deserves to suffer after being involved
in a car wreck.

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