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  • According to most recent statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics,
    about 70 workers are involved in backover incidents each year and each
    month, at least one worker is killed by being backed over by a construction
    vehicle, often a dump truck.
  • A backover incident occurs when a backing vehicle strikes a worker who
    is standing, walking, or kneeling behind the vehicle.
  • These incidents can be prevented when drivers use a spotter to help them
    back up their vehicles or cameras and technologies are used to give drivers
    a view of what is behind them.
  • Indiana currently has no laws related to preventing runovers and backovers
    outside of OSHA’s regulations and suggested safety standards.

Understanding Worker Deaths Caused by Backover Accidents

Although backover construction site accidents and related worker deaths
are completely preventable, at least one worker is killed by being backed
over by a vehicle each month. Backover accidents typically occur because
construction sites are often extremely noisy, making it hard for workers
to hear back-up signals or alerts to get out of the way. And even with
flashing lights, orange safety vests, and traffic cones, workers still
frequently end up in the blind spots of trucks, and walk directly in the
path of danger. Lastly, although it’s clearly unsafe, workers will
ride on the outside of a construction vehicle within a worksite, only
to then fall off and become fatally injured.

Most Backover Accidents Are Preventable

Although there are dozens of workers injured each year in backover accidents,
the majority, if not all, are completely preventable with proper alerts
and greater safety awareness. The
Occupational Safety and Health Administration has created a list of a few things workers can do to help protect themselves
and others around them, safe from backover accidents:

  • If you are the person driving the truck or construction vehicle, have a
    partner to look out for workers on the ground. Having an extra set of
    eyes around you can make you aware of anyone in your blind spot, help
    discourage anyone from hopping onto the outside of the vehicle, and help
    you avoid other dangers like construction trenches.
  • Remind those around you, and even your supervisors, that the alarms and
    alerts on vehicles are there for a reason. Implement regular safety checks
    of these back-up alerts just like you would a smoke detector in your home.
  • Work with all employees, drivers, and supervisors to create traffic flow
    charts within work zones. The more you can control the direction trucks
    and construction vehicles are moving, the more accidents you will prevent.
  • Use proper safety gear. Although it may not prevent an injury every time,
    wearing proper work gear, designated orange safety clothing, hard hats,
    and more, could help a driver see you, or could help prevent an injury,
    should you be knocked down or struck by a vehicle.

Some worksites are implementing sonar and radar devices that can be worn
by individuals to alert them of oncoming traffic or make drivers aware
of the proximity of a worker. Others are equipping work vehicles with
cameras and backover detection systems. These are helpful tools to aid
in the prevention of these tragic
work accidents and the legal team at Wagner Reese would like to see more of them put to use.

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