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When calculating for amputation injuries, insurance companies frequently make mistakes because the compensation laws for these types of injuries are somewhat complicated. There are varying degrees of the value assigned to different limbs and digits, and the amounts assigned to each of these differ depending on the degree of use lost in the limb or if the injury is a total amputation of that part.

Having the assistance of an experienced amputation injury lawyer on your side who has handled cases just like yours can mean the difference between receiving a settlement you are unhappy with and receiving a settlement that doesn’t leave a penny on the table.

At Wagner Reese, our Indianapolis workplace amputation attorneys have decades of experience in working alongside people just like you, people who have been injured and just want what is rightfully theirs. The Wagner Reese team knows how to fight back against the insurance companies and get you the money you deserve for the injuries you sustained.

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Compensation for Amputation Injuries in Indiana

Compensation for amputation injuries in Indiana is determined by scheduled loss benefits under the state’s workers’ compensation laws. The law dictates a specific monetary value for the “degree of impairment” assigned to the loss of different body parts.

For example, each of the following body parts is assigned the noted degree of impairment:

  • Arm (above the elbow): 50 degrees
  • Arm or hand (below the elbow): 40 degrees
  • Leg (above the knee): 45 degrees
  • Thumb: 12 degrees

Each degree range is assigned a specific dollar amount. For example, impairment of 1-10 degrees equates to $1,750, whereas impairment of 51 degrees and above equates to a value of $4,060. Total compensation is then determined based on the determined loss of use (with amputation, this is typically 100 percent) and the degree of impairment.

Not all injuries/body parts are listed in the Indiana loss benefits schedule. If you suffered an unscheduled amputation injury, you may still be able to recover compensation, either through unscheduled loss benefits or by filing a third-party work injury claim.

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An amputation injury is not only physically debilitating, but it is also accompanied by severe emotional distress and financial hardship as well. At Wagner Reese, we understand the seriousness of these types of injuries. If you or your loved one was involved in a workplace accident that resulted in accidental amputation, we can help you work to recover the compensation you and your family need.

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