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///Moped and Scooter Accident
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Indiana Moped & Scooter Accident Lawyers

Indiana Moped and Scooter Accident LawyersMoped accidents are becoming more and more frequent as gas prices skyrocket and people search for affordable ways to travel and commute. Mopeds, scooters and other two-wheeled vehicles require much less gas, and are therefore much less expensive to operate on a tight budget. However, with the lower operating costs come higher risks in other categories. Moped and scooter drivers are exposed, with no steel/aluminum frame to protect them (like you would have in a car.

In 2012, there were 90 accidents involving scooters and mopeds in Indiana. 67% of those accidents caused injury to the driver of the moped. If you or your loved ones have been one of the injured persons in a scooter or moped accident, give the vehicle accident lawyers at Wagner Reese a chance to show you what we can do for you. Give us a call at 888-710-9377 to schedule a free consultation.


  • In 2008, there were only 9 accidents involving scooters. In 2012, that number was up to 90.
  • 63% of scooter drivers had suspended licenses at the time of these accidents.
  • In the majority of cases (92%), scooter and moped drivers were using this means of transportation because they were not allowed behind the vehicle of a car.
  • Currently, scooter and moped drivers are not required to register their vehicles with the DMV, thus regulations on how they are driven and handled are much more lax.


  • Seek medical attention immediately
  • Contact Wagner Reese for assistance with your personal injury case
  • Never sign or agree to anything without the assistance of a lawyer
  • Prepare your case by gathering any relevant information that may assist in claiming your compensation (this may include taking notes about the accident, taking pictures of the scene, gathering statements from witnesses – all these things can be done with the assistance of a personal injury lawyer)

A Note About Recovery Limits

In 2012, Indiana put a compensation cap on non-economic based damages. For personal injury cases in the state of Indiana, any case paid by the government may not exceed an award of $5,000,000. The Indiana Supreme Court is currently contesting this cap as unconstitutional, so these limits may soon be abolished.

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