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Indianapolis Car Accident Lawyers

Every day, at least 2 people lose their lives in the State of Indiana as a result of car accidents. Most of these accidents are the result of negligent driving and/or driver distractions which are preventable. Yet, while these dangerous and deadly crashes are avoidable, Indiana car accidents are one of the most widespread causes of death in our state and in our country. In fact, nationwide, over 5,000 people lose their lives each year as a result of motor vehicle accidents.


  • Since 2009, motor vehicle accident fatalities have been on the rise.
  • In 2012, 779 people were killed on roadways in Indiana.
  • 248 of motor vehicle accident fatalities in 2012 were drunk-driving related.
  • The National Safety Council estimates that approximately 28% of all motor vehicle accidents are caused by distracted drivers.

At Wagner Reese, our Indianapolis car accident lawyers have been handling cases for our clients involving automobile accident injuries and deaths throughout the state of Indiana. Because of our experience, the injury lawyers at Wagner Reese know that these accidents, while preventable, can unfortunately happen to anyone, anytime.

Wagner Reese understands that when an unanticipated event like a motor vehicle accident happens, the lives of everyone involved are suddenly affected because an auto accident involving injury or death causes disruptions to all aspects of daily living. As a result, the focus needs to be on getting the medical treatment necessary, not worrying about dealing with an insurance company.

If you or a loved one have sustained injuries as the result of someone else’s negligence behind the wheel of a vehicle, Wagner Reese can help. Don’t fight that battle alone, let Wagner Reese deal with the insurance company, while you focus on recovering. Wagner Reese can help you get the compensation you deserve to cover lost wages, medical bills, future care, and the pain and suffering you are experiencing as a result of a motor vehicle accident.


A man was hit head-on by a delivery driver who was looking at his cell phone while crossing through an intersection. After long litigation, the defense admitted liability and settled the case in favor of the injured man.
This was to three children of a woman who was killed by a driver who was negligently operating a vehicle he was not insured to drive.
Trucking Accident resulted in $1.5 million settlement for a pregnant woman’s personal injuries and fetal wrongful death. A truck driver was operating a semi under the influence of drugs, when he crossed the center line into oncoming traffic and struck an SUV operated by a pregnant driver. The crash seriously injured the driver and fatally injured the unborn child. The driver of the freight vehicle plead guilty to causing serious bodily injury while driving with a controlled substance in his system.
This case was on behalf of a woman who was seriously injured as the vehicle she was in was t-boned by a speeding police cruiser. The damaged vehicle was stopped when the cruiser sped into it at an excess of 30 mph without lights or siren on.


  • Seek medical attention immediately
  • Contact Wagner Reese for assistance with your personal injury case
  • Never sign or agree to anything without the assistance of a lawyer
  • Prepare your case by gathering any relevant information that may assist in claiming your compensation (this may include taking notes about the accident, taking pictures of the scene, gathering statements from witnesses – all these things can be done with the assistance of a personal injury lawyer)

A Note About Recovery Limits

In 2012, Indiana put a compensation cap on non-economic based damages. For personal injury cases in the state of Indiana, any case paid by the government may not exceed an award of $5,000,000. The Indiana Supreme Court is currently contesting this cap as unconstitutional, so these limits may soon be abolished.

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