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Indianapolis Lawyers For Injured Children

Injuries to children are devastating to an entire family, and if that injury occurred because of the negligence or error of another individual, Wagner Reese can help through the recovery process, no matter the type of injury.

The injury lawyers at Wagner Reese have extensive experience in handling injury cases all over Indiana involving children, and helping families recover with the highest financial awards possible.

At Wagner Reese, the attorneys have over 60 years of experience in handling serious injury and wrongful death claims involving children. Though every one of these cases is heartbreaking, Wagner Reese works to assist families in recovering the compensation they deserve as a result of their suffering.


  • In the most recent reports available, there were over 400 children between the ages of 0-14 killed between 2006-2010 as a result of unintentional injuries.
    • The CDC reports that nationally, over 12,000 children between the ages of 0-19 die each year from unintentional injuries.
  • Over 5000 children were admitted to the hospital for injuries between 2003-2006
    • Nationally, over 9 million children require medical treatment each year for non-fatal injuries.
  • The leading causes of injuries are falls (56.9%) and motor vehicle accidents (17.9%)
  • The statute of limitations on a personal injury case in Indiana is two years. Any case filed after the statute of limitations is up may result in the client receiving no compensation.

Once an injury or death occurs, don’t wait to call Wagner Reese. The sooner you pick up the phone, the sooner you can get on the road to recovery.


This case on behalf of a child was settled against a daycare provider after an unsecured TV fell on top of her.


Vanessa Porter’s Story – WTHR Coverage
Cardenas Daycare Drowning – FOX59 Coverage


  • Seek medical attention immediately
  • Contact Wagner Reese for assistance with your personal injury case
  • Never sign or agree to anything without the assistance of a lawyer
  • Prepare your case by gathering any relevant information that may assist in claiming your compensation (this may include taking notes about the accident, taking pictures of the scene, gathering statements from witnesses – all these things can be done with the assistance of a personal injury lawyer)

If your child has been the victim of an injury, or if you have lost a child due to a wrongful death, as a result of another individual or entity’s negligence, give the lawyers at Wagner Reese a call and let them help your family get back on their feet.

Wagner Reese can help your family deal with insurance companies and can also assist you in planning for the future by setting up trust funds, Medicare set-aside accounts, special needs trusts, and whatever resources to help your family be prepared for the road ahead.

A Note About Recovery Limits

In 2012, Indiana put a compensation cap on non-economic based damages. For personal injury cases in the state of Indiana, any case paid by the government may not exceed an award of $5,000,000. The Indiana Supreme Court is currently contesting this cap as unconstitutional, so these limits may soon be abolished.

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