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Indiana Shoulder Dystocia Injury Lawyers

Indiana Shoulder Dystocia Injury Lawyers

Shoulder dystocia usually results in lifelong injuries. It’s a rare anomaly (less than 1% of births)that takes place where the baby’s shoulder becomes lodged behind the mother’s pelvic bone. Shoulder dystocia, as this is called (or Erb’s Palsy), can be responded to in many different ways.

A doctor can respond gently with movement and attempts to turn the baby (which often succeed), or they can respond in a more medical manner where sometimes they take such extreme actions as to break the baby’s clavicle (intentionally) or break the mother’s pelvic bone (also intentionally) in order to maneuver the baby out of the birth canal.

Other efforts made to remove the baby include: cesarean sections (which have extremely high risks for both mother and baby), forceps and vacuum deliveries (which can cause cranial injuries, as well as other problems for the baby) and deep episiotomies (which is risky for the mother and extremely difficult to heal from).


This malpractice case was settled with the hospital with additional excess damages paid by the Indiana Patients’ Compensation Fund

The claim was against a local OBGYN for failure to call a timely c-section for a fetus.


Controversial Medical Malpractice Act Discusses on RTV6

Risk Factors of Shoulder Dystocia

These more extreme actions often cause long term damage to mother and baby. Injuries to your baby may include nerve damage (brachial plexus injury), fractures or sadly in some situations, brain damage (birth asphyxia) oven death. When a doctor is not sufficiently trained (or even if they are just not patient enough to do the right thing), extreme injuries can occur to you or your baby. If you feel like your child was injured during the birthing process because of the negligence or bad decision of a doctor, you may be entitled to a settlement to compensate you for your emotional and physical losses.

Reality of Delivery Room Errors

The delivery room is a wonderful place, but on some occasions, it can become suddenly terrifying. When something goes wrong in the delivery room, you expect your doctor to care for you and your unborn child in the best way possible, and you trust your medical staff to deliver your baby safely. That’s not always the case.

The frightening reality is that most doctors are not nearly as prepared for delivery room emergencies as we’d like them to be. If a rare emergency arises, chances are, it may be the first time they’ve seen such an emergency.

Hire an Experienced Shoulder Dystocia Lawyer

If your child is suffering, don’t wait any longer. Shoulder Dystocia and the resulting problems caused by Erb’s Palsy will be life altering for your child, and the medical expenses you will incur because of the treatment of these problems could be extreme. Call Wagner Reese today and we will investigate your case to see if your child’s injury could have been caused by your attending physician.

A Note About Recovery Limits

Some states, including Indiana, have imposed laws that cap or limit the maximum amount of money an individual can recover in a medical malpractice suit. When you meet with us to discuss your medical malpractice claim, we will discuss current laws and limitations. Currently, the maximum amount recoverable from a qualified medical provider in Indiana is 1.25 million dollars.

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