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Indiana Delivery Room Error Lawyers

When families in Indiana experience a tragic birth injury due to delivery room errors by doctors, nurses or other hospital staff, they want answers.

Medical staff needs to continually monitor the baby and the mother during labor and delivery. If problems arise, medical staff should make quick and accurate decisions to ensure their safety. Sadly, this isn’t always the case.

Families going through the ordeal of a birth accident need to understand the potential legal consequences and know how to ensure that their rights are protected. The personal injury law firm of Wagner Reese in Carmel, Indiana, provides the legal background and resources to give a voice to those injured and their families. We have the power to take on big hospitals and insurance companies.


This malpractice case was settled with the hospital with additional excess damages paid by the Indiana Patients’ Compensation Fund

The claim was against a local OBGYN for failure to call a timely c-section for a fetus.

This medical claim was settled against a hospital and surgeon for retained surgical sponge.


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One of the happiest times in your life can turn tragic when delivery errors cause an injury to an infant. Some of the common delivery rooms errors include:

  • Infant Brain Injuries – cerebral palsy, cerebral hypoxia or forceps injuries
  • Nerve Damage – Erb’s palsy and shoulder dystocia
  • Botched C-Sections – improper fetal monitoring and surgical mistakes
  • Untreated Jaundice – failure to detect, monitor or treat
  • Injuries to the Mother – preeclampsia, hematoma and medication errors
  • Other Birth Trauma Injuries – disfigurement and long-term problems

Proving Delivery Room Errors

Birthing complications can be identified and the risk to mother and baby reduced. From bruises and skin irritation to severe brain injuries that can end with the death of an infant, our attorneys have handled numerous birth injury malpractice cases since 1997. We know how to get answers to difficult questions, and we have earned a reputation for vigorous representation for victims and their families. The Wagner Reese attorneys have solid legal skills in birth injury litigation and an impressive record of success to back it up.

A Note about Medical Negligence

Medical negligence refers to the failure of a physician, medical professional, hospital or other medical service provider to meet the standards of conduct relating to their profession. The standards of conduct are based on what a medical professional with requisite training and skills would ordinarily be expected to do. For example: a doctor who prescribes the wrong medication may be negligent because the knowledge needed to give the correct prescription is considered to be an expected part of the profession or specialty.

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