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Wagner Reese understands that in the legal profession, while it should not happen, unfortunately, there are lawyers and law firms that make mistakes in their handling of client’s cases. When this happens, it’s the responsibility of the Wagner Reese team to represent clients to help them obtain the results they initially desired through legal representation. Dealing with a botched lawsuit on top of a painful accident, traumatic injuries, or even the death of a loved one is not what anyone wants to have to deal with.

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This legal malpractice case was settled by the defendant law firm who took a medical malpractice claim and failed to file it in time for the clients to recover damages.

A 73-year-old woman with complex prior history of end stage renal disease, congestive heart failure, vascular disease, and below the knee amputation died after being neglected by nursing home staff. The coroner stated that she died of heart failure and sepsis caused in part by a failure to assess, document and treat a decubitus ulcer that had formed on her coccyx. After her prior law firm filed a lawsuit, but failed to timely respond to written discovery requests from the defense attorney, the trial court dismissed the case as a sanction against the Estate’s attorneys. Our firm determined that it was legal malpractice for the lawyers to blow the deadlines and that, but for the dismissal of the underlying case, the Estate would have likely recovered under the Indiana Adult Wrongful Death Act. Despite the fact that the decedent had no surviving spouse on a life expectancy of only a few years, the case settled before trial for $500,000.

A husband initially hired another law firm to file a medical malpractice claim for his wife who suffered a stroke as a result of medical malpractice of an ER doctor and nurses that failed to timely diagnose and prescribe appropriate treatment for stroke prevention. After the medical malpractice case was dismissed by the trial court due to their attorney’s neglecting to timely comply with a court deadline, our firm brought a claim for legal malpractice against the former attorney. The case settled prior to filing a lawsuit being for $500,000.

After his wife died due to medical malpractice, the husband brought a wrongful death claim against the hospital who negligently failed to monitor her levels and she suffered a heart attack which caused her death. His attorney mishandled the medical malpractice claim by untimely filing it and, therefore, the case was barred by the statute of limitations. On behalf of the husband, we brought a claim for legal malpractice claiming that had it not been for his prior attorney’s mishandling of his case, he would have likely recovered under the Indiana Adult Wrongful Death Act. The case settled prior to trial for $400,000.


Legal malpractice cases can be occur for a number of different reasons, but according to the American Bar Association, the most common reasons clients file suits against their former lawyers are:

  • The lawyer failed to have an adequate or accurate knowledge of the law, or failed to apply the law correctly.
  • The lawyer made a planning error in the case.
  • The lawyer performed an inadequate discovery or investigation into the client’s case.
  • The lawyer failed to file documents, or did not meet a deadline for when documents were due.

Sometimes lawyers fail their clients, but when that happens, the client shouldn’t have to be the one to pay. If your lawyer failed to properly represent your interests in a personal injury, civil liability or work injury case, the lawyers of Wagner Reese are here to help you recover from the insult added to your injury. Wagner Reese knows you may have a hard time learning to trust a lawyer after discovering your prior legal representation let you down, and understand that it can lead to hesitation. This is why Wagner Reese offers clients a risk-free and cost-free consultation to discuss what happened, and how it can be rectified.

A Note about our Legal Malpractice Representation:

Wagner Reese is serious about holding lawyers to the highest legal standards. We focus our attention only on representing plaintiffs who have legitimate claims against personal injury and civil litigation trial lawyers. We do not represent clients who wish to file a claim against their divorce lawyer or criminal defense lawyer.

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