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Erb’s palsy is a type of medical condition which can cause weakness or full or partial paralysis of the upper arm. It commonly results from stretching and tearing of the brachial plexus nerves, a network of nerves located in the shoulder that controls arm movement, during delivery. It is also regarded as a largely preventable injury with proper medical management.

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If you have a potential case involving Erb’s palsy, brachial plexus, or birth-related injury, exploring whether medical malpractice may be to blame is the first step in your legal journey. By placing your trust in Wagner Reese and our proven birth injury attorneys, you can learn more about your rights and options, and gain the support of unwavering advocates who can guide you toward the justice and financial compensation you deserve.

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    Is Medical Malpractice to Blame?

    While childbirth is not without risks, Erb’s palsy can and should be prevented under many circumstances, especially when doctors and nurses deliver the quality and competent care required of their profession. This includes providing acceptable care during pregnancy and in response to pregnancy-related complications, and during the when handling labor, delivery, and various complications that may arise during birth.

    Unfortunately, not every medical professional in whom we place our trust upholds their “duty of care.” Some commit mistakes and acts of medical negligence that lead to preventable and sometimes devastating injuries. This is known as medical malpractice, and if it is the underlying cause of your child’s injuries, you may be entitled to a financial recovery of your damages, including the pain and suffering, past and future expenses, and emotional injuries you and your child incur.

    In birth injury lawsuits involving Erb’s palsy and brachial plexus injuries, there are a number of risk factors and forms of medical malpractice that may be involved.

    • Failures to identify and address potential risk factors and complications during pregnancy, such as multiple or large babies, maternal obesity, gestational diabetes, previous births involving brachial plexus injuries, and abnormal fetus positioning, among others.
    • Shoulder dystocia, a delivery complication which occurs when a baby’s shoulder becomes stuck behind the pelvic bone, and the negligence of medical professionals when responding (i.e. improper manipulation, using excessive force, etc.).
    • Negligent use of medical devices during delivery, such as medical vacuum extractors or forceps
    • Induced labor and improper use of labor-inducing drugs (i.e. Pitocin)
    • Delayed C-sections or failure to perform a C-section
    • Failures to respond appropriately to other labor and delivery complications

    Symptoms of Brachial Plexus Injuries

    These and other medical mistakes can cause varying degrees of brachial plexus injuries, including Erb’s palsy and a condition known as Klumpke’s palsy, which primarily affects the lower arm and hand rather than the upper arm.

    Common signs and symptoms include:

    • Abnormal movement and atrophy of the arm
    • Limited sensation and coordination of the affected arm
    • Broken bones (i.e. collar bone or upper arm bone)
    • Limpness or hanging of the arm from the shoulder.

    Fight to Recover the Compensation Your Child Needs to Live a Full Life

    These symptoms can create long-term challenges and limitations for children, and may result in costly medical treatment, long-term medical monitoring, increased risks of infections and other medical conditions, and other economic and non-economic damages for children and their parents.

    Birth injury lawsuits provide an opportunity to recover these damages, which is why it is so important that families work with knowledgeable Erb’s palsy attorneys in Indianapolis who can maximize their opportunity for securing needed compensation.

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