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The miraculous act of childbirth is nothing short of amazing. But, while most parents look back on this day with fondness and joy, some parents may associate that life-changing day with no small amount of confusion, worry, and sadness.

Unfortunately, some infants may experience a significant amount of physical stress during the birth process, which can lead to substantial injuries. Although modern medicine has equipped doctors and nurses with the tools and medicines they need to help treat the mother and baby in an emergency, their equipment means nothing if they don’t use it properly. If a medical professional fails to use the medical tools correctly, prescribes the wrong medication, or if they fail to recognize the signs of distress, the child may experience a birth injury like infant Cephalohematoma.

Cephalohematoma is a condition caused by swelling on the top of the head, which usually occurs because the baby experienced a significant amount of trauma or stress to the head during birth. In some cases, this condition may be the result of medical negligence. If your child has or had Cephalohematoma and you suspect some form of negligence, our firm is here for you.

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    Our team at Wagner Reese understands how difficult it is to care for a sick or injured infant. No parent wants to see their child suffer, especially if that suffering was entirely preventable. We have ample experience advocating for children and families affected by birth injuries, and we want to put our legal skills to work for you. Since opening our doors in 1997, we’ve worked tirelessly for the rights of our clients, and we are committed to treating each and every case we handle with urgency and care. If you need a legal advocate, we’re here to help.

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    Does My Child Have Cephalohematoma?

    Although Cephalohematoma is most often considered a relatively minor injury, it can sometimes lead to subsequent damage. For that reason, it is always best to see a doctor if you suspect your child has a Cephalohematoma or any other type of head injury. That being said, if your child endured a traumatic birth, or if he or she sustained prolonged or substantial pressure to the head, you should look for potential symptoms.

    If you think your baby may have developed a Cephalohematoma, you may notice an unnatural bulge on your baby’s head. Other symptoms may include anemia, infection, jaundice, or other odd behavior denoting irritation or discomfort.

    The Effects of Cephalohematoma

    Infant Cephalohematoma can vary in severity depending on the type of trauma the baby endured, the severity, and the time between the moment the child was injured and the time he or she received treatment. If the child was treated immediately, the resulting damage could be significantly less severe. In most cases, Infant Cephalohematoma heals on its own within 3 months.

    If the injury is substantial, the doctor may need to drain the excess blood that’s gathered below the baby’s skin. The build-up may also lead to infections or abscess formations, which can cause additional health complications. In some cases, Cephalohematoma may also affect the baby’s blood flow, which may harm the red blood cell count and lead to a blood transfusion.

    What Causes Cephalohematoma In Infants?

    Cephalohematoma may be caused by any substantial head trauma, but in infants, the most common cause is childbirth. The baby could be harmed by prolonged labor, which may cause the baby’s head to be trapped in the birth canal. Or, the baby might experience Cephalohematoma due to the incorrect use of birthing tools, like forceps or a vacuum. If your child was diagnosed with infant Cephalohematoma and you suspect the injury may have been caused by medical negligence, you need to take immediate action to protect your child’s rights and future.

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    Your child’s health and safety are of the utmost importance, and if your doctor or nurse failed to uphold the proper standard of care by failing to diagnose, treat, or monitor your child, you may have a birth injury case. Our attorneys at Wagner Reese understand what you’re up against, and we want to provide you with the legal support and guidance you need during this difficult time.

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