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Indiana Medical Malpractice Case Results

$1.182 million wrongful death settlement for medical malpractice against a Urologist. This medical malpractice case involves substandard medical care provided to a mother who underwent a procedure to remove a large kidney stone. During the surgery, this Urologist Surgeon inadvertently pierced the pleural cavity. After more than 24 hours of internal fluid buildup, we were able to prove that our client essentially drowned internally as a result of the perforation. The case settled with the hospital with additional excess damages paid by the Indiana Patients Compensation Fund.

$1.167 million wrongful death settlement for the surviving husband of his 66 year-old wife who died following complications from ovarian cancer surgery.  Initially, she went in to the hospital to have a cancerous mass removed, but never awoke from surgery due to complications.  The Estate alleged that the hospital staff violated doctors’ orders and failed to properly monitor the patient.  This kind woman had been faithfully married for almost 50 years.  There was no claim for loss of income.

$1.162 million wrongful death settlement for the surviving husband of his 68 year-old wife died from an allergic reaction from a medication that was inadvertently administered by a hospital nurse.  She left behind a husband of over 40 years.

A man who sustained a pierced colon during a routine colonoscopy that was not timely diagnosed by radiologists and general surgeon despite clear indication on film imaging. As a result of the delay in diagnosing the leaking colon, the patient sustained infections caused by sepsis and required additional surgeries. The case settled just before trial for $1.137M.

$1.1 million wrongful death verdict in Richmond, Indiana. This medical malpractice claim was against a local OBGYN for failure to call a timely c-section for a fetus that was 34 weeks gestation and showed signs of fetal distress on a fetal heart monitor. By the time an emergency c-section was called by the doctor, it was too late. The baby died. After the verdict, the court awarded prejudgment interest on top of the gross verdict. The verdict was rendered on March 26, 2010 and is believed to be the largest medical malpractice verdict ever recorded in Wayne County.

$1.057 million wrongful death settlement for the surviving widow whose husband fell victim to medical malpractice by a Medical Group and its Physician. The husband had a small growth detected on his lung on x-ray. After a series of CT scans showed the lesion was growing and suspicious, the defendants failed to follow-up with the patient because the office “mis-filed” his chart. As a result, the husband fell through the cracks and was never told to have surgery to remove the growth or otherwise treat it. The lung lesion was curable. He died about 3 years later. The medical review panel found in favor of the Plaintiff. One month before trial, the case settled confidentially. A Petition for excess damages for up to an additional $1M in compensation is pending against the Indiana Patients Compensation Fund.

$900,000 settlement involving a medical malpractice claim against lab for mix-up of biopsy test results. Our client was told that he had cancer and had surgery to remove it. He later found out that there was a mix-up. The defense hinged on two defendants blaming each other for the error and claiming that the plaintiffs could not carry their burden of proof. The case settled one month before trial.

$750,000 confidential settlement for a woman that was sexually assaulted by her doctor. This medical malpractice case involved a woman seeking psychiatric help who became a victim of sexual assault by one of her treating physicians. After denying the claim for a period of several years, the defense finally settled the case which resulted in a total recovery of $750,000.

$750,000 settlement for retained surgical sponge. This medical malpractice case was brought against a hospital and surgeon for inadvertently leaving a surgical sponge inside her abdomen during a abdominal surgery. As a result of this sponge retention, the patient sustained infections and required additional surgery. The case settled at mediation for $750,000.

$500,000 settlement in malpractice case. This malpractice claim was filed by a 59 year-old woman against a pathologist that was alleged to have wrongfully diagnosed a female patient with kidney cancer. Although she had pre-existing problems with her kidney and had a portion of it removed, it was later fully removed due to an incorrect interpretation of pathology results. The patient was otherwise healthy and living normally with her remaining kidney. The case settled before a medical review panel rendered an opinion for $500,000.

Case settled for confidential amount – a wrongful death settlement for medical malpractice against Hospital and a CRNA. This medical malpractice case stems from Husband going to the hospital for a right colectomy for colon cancer performed by a physician at the Hospital and released 24 hours later. Two weeks later, Husband presented with complaints of abdominal pain, fever, nausea and vomiting and diagnosed with intra-abdominal abscess secondary to right colon resection. A surgery was immediately scheduled to repair the abscess but during the administration of general anesthesia vomited, aspirated and later died. Just weeks before trial, this case settled with the Hospital and CRNA with additional excess damages pending against the Indiana Patients Compensation Fund.

DISCLAIMER: Past results cannot guarantee future performance. Any result in a single case does not constitute a promise, prediction, or guarantee regarding the outcome of any other case. Each case involves many different factors and thus results will always be different from case-to-case.

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