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Video Transcript

Wagner Reese, they really fought for me. They went, oh, I caught it way beyond. And every time I called I talked to somebody that was pleasant, and not mean to me. When I didn’t think nobody cared, no matter how small my case was, they still treated me like I was everybody else, like it was a million dollar case.

It’s a typical day. I was at work, and I left another client to go to another client. And it was sleeting that day. It kind of had ice and stuff over the roads. I was trying to be careful. I stepped and I slid. And I slid till I came to a stop, but I still couldn’t get up.

I was on crutches, and I had tore my meniscus and twisted my spine, and lots and lots of pain. It was quite a battle. I went from having no money and almost out on the street, because workman’s comp wasn’t working with me right. My attorney, when things was going very wrong, he spoke up for me. He wouldn’t let them take advantage of me, and they were trying to.

They stepped in, and they said they had to give me my money. I never waited very long on anything. They really came through for me. I won. After so long waiting, I won. When they called me the day to tell me to come pick up the check, it was like, oh Jesus, it’s done. It’s done. I got something of what I deserve. Something.

I enjoy them, and I recommend them to anybody, because they really outdid themselves for me.

And I thank God for him. I thank God for him.

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