Workplace injuries can happen to anyone, anywhere, and they can result in serious injuries. Unfortunately, victims of workplace injuries often have to suffer lost wages, loss of earning potential, medical expenses, and several other types of economic and non-economic damages. Victims of workplace injuries are legally entitled to seek compensation if their injuries were a result of someone else’s fault. Please continue reading to learn how you can get compensation for workplace injuries and how an Indiana personal injury law firm can help.

Common Workplace Injuries

The most common workplace injuries in Indiana include injuries to the head, neck, back, shoulder, ankle, and knee. Some injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, can lead to lifelong disability such as paralysis.

Most workplace injuries happen to workers that have a more physical job, such as a construction site worker; however, even office-based workers can suffer workplace injuries. Workers that are subject to repetitive motion, such as typing on a keyboard, can also suffer from injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome or nerve damage in the fingers, hands, or wrists.

Other common causes of workplace injuries include overexertion when lifting, fall from heights, slip and fall accidents. While the severity of some injuries is evident as soon as the injury happens, other injuries might get worse over time. It might take the victim a few days to realize the severity of the injuries. In some cases, the inability of the injuries to heal on their own is a sign that the injury is much worse than initially thought. This is why it is important to take all workplace injuries seriously and report such incidents to the relevant authorities.

Establishing Liability

To get compensation for your workplace injury, you will need to prove that it happened to the gross negligence or wrongdoing of another party. In most cases, the other party is the employer.

An employer has the responsibility to provide a safe environment to their employees, and if they are negligent in this duty of care, they can be held liable for the injuries suffered by their employees.

Employers are responsible for conducting regular risk assessments of the workplace, implementing health and safety policies, providing protective equipment, and regularly reviewing and updating the safety standards at the workplace. Injured workers can also file a personal injury claim against other employees or other third parties that caused or contributed to the injury. Employers often have workers’ compensation insurance to provide them with some coverage in case there is an accident at the workplace.

Why Hire an Indiana Workplace Injury Lawyer?

If you have suffered a workplace injury, you are welcome to contact us at the law offices of Wagner Reese. Our lawyer can offer their expert legal advice on how to recover compensation for your suffering. In addition, they can complete the legal paperwork and manage communication with the opposing legal team or insurance company.

Having all the legal processes completed in a timely manner helps maximize the chances of a favorable outcome. In addition, our workplace injury lawyer can help victims maximize the compensation amount.