The birth of a child is one of life’s happiest moments. Seeing your newborn baby for the first time is a moment that you will remember for the rest of your life. It can be devastating to have your newborn suffer from birth injuries that were the result of negligence, wrongdoing, or medical malpractice of the hospital or the healthcare professional. The Indiana birth injury lawyers at Wagner Reese, LLP are nationally recognized in helping families defend the rights of mothers and children who have suffered birth injuries and accidents. With over 150 years of combined legal experience, Wagner Reese is a leader in securing results. Our birth injury lawyers have successfully helped thousands of people receive compensation to help with their medical expenses, economic damages, and pain and suffering. Wagner Reese has recovered tens of millions of dollars in compensation for our personal injury clients.

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Wagner Reese is an Indiana law firm that has the unique distinction of earning numerous awards and national recognition from prestigious organizations for our aggressive legal advocacy. We are compassionate and diligent in helping families take legal action against the parties liable for the birth injury. If you have suffered a birth injury in Indiana, then you may be eligible for substantial financial compensation by filing a lawsuit against the parties liable. Let the legal team at Wagner Reese help you. Contact us today at 317-569-0000 for a free initial consultation.

What Is a Birth Injury?

When women give birth to a newborn at a medical facility, they expect that there is a standard of care that governs the birthing process. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and birth injuries happen as a result of someone’s fault.

There is a wide range of injuries that can happen during the birthing process. This includes spinal cord injuries, brain damage, C-section injuries, and newborn jaundice. Healthcare professionals can make preventable errors and mistakes that result in birth injuries, some of which are extremely serious and have a lifelong impact on the child.

Establishing Liability in Birth Injury Case

While each case of a birth injury is different and can have its unique circumstances, you expect healthcare professionals with years of experience to maintain a certain standard of care. Any deviation from this standard of care can result in injuries to the newborn.

To establish liability in a birth injury case, you will need to demonstrate that the hospital or healthcare professional had a duty of care toward the patient. It must also be proven that there was a breach of duty that caused the patient to suffer a birth injury.

In addition, the extent of the damages, such as the severity of the injuries, must also be demonstrated. The damages can include medical bills, ongoing medical care costs, loss of earning capacity, and emotional distress.

You may need expert testimony to strengthen your birth injury case. The experts are typically from the medical profession and can use their knowledge and experience to demonstrate why the birth injury occurred and how the medical procedures used by the healthcare professional deviated from the standards.

What to Expect When Pursuing a Birth Injury Case in Indiana

Your first step should be to consult with an attorney, who will initiate an investigation into the factors of the case. Once they have assessed all the facts, they can guide you on filing a personal injury lawsuit or other types of legal action.

In the next step, also known as the discovery phase, the attorney will gather evidence for the case. This can include medical documents, expert testimony, and other evidence that can strengthen your case.

You may get an opportunity to resolve the dispute through mediation or settlement. However, you also have the right to take the case to trial. When you take the case to trial, you can expect that to add more time to the case.

It is vital to consult with an Indiana birth injury lawyer so they can guide you through the legal processes. You can contact us to schedule a consultation with our experienced attorney at the law offices of Wagner Reese. As birth injury cases can often get complex, our Indiana injury lawyers can help you establish liability for the birth injury and get compensation for your suffering.

The Importance of Hiring an Indiana Birth Injury Lawyer

No one is required to hire an attorney. Technically, anyone can file “pro se,” or represent themselves in a lawsuit. However, just because it is permitted, it doesn’t mean it is a good idea. The fact is, hiring the right lawyer is crucial to your case.

For over 20 years, the firm of Wagner and Reese have helped thousands of injury victims located throughout the entire state of Indiana receive compensation. Compensation is available to loved ones who have suffered as a result of someone else’s negligence, wrongdoing, or malpractice. If you have experienced a birth injury in your family, then you have already suffered enough pain. Let the most experienced and top-rated law firm of Wagner Reese handle your case for you.

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Wagner Reese is the Birth Injury Law Firm that Produces Results

In addition to Wagner Reese’s undisputable results, our legal team is the recipient of numerous awards. Recently, several of our attorneys were included in The Best Lawyers in America©, presented by the renowned publication Best Lawyers®. Our founding partners, attorneys Stephen Wagner and Jason Reese, continuously win acclaim. Mr. Wagner has been selected by his peers as an “Indiana Super Lawyer,” an award presented to only the top 5% of practicing attorneys in Indiana as published in the Indianapolis Monthly and Super Lawyer magazines. From 2018-2023, he was named one of the “Top 50 Personal Injury Attorneys in Indiana” by Super Lawyer. In 2006, Mr. Wagner was also selected by the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association as the “Indiana Trial Lawyer of the Year.” Mr. Reese is continuously recognized as one of the Best Lawyers in America. The Indiana Lawyer selected him a Distinguished Barrister, considered by many to be the highest professional recognition of all attorneys throughout the State of Indiana.

Wagner Reese is the law firm with the expertise, authority, and trust you need to help your Indiana birth injury case. Call us today at 317-569-0000 to receive the help that you deserve!