Our Evansville Truck Accident Lawyers have established a reputation for their exceptional skills and accomplishments, resulting in widespread recognition and numerous accolades from prestigious institutions. We are dedicated to providing vigorous, devoted, and efficient legal representation to all truck accident victims in Evansville and the surrounding regions.

In 2020, our team achieved remarkable success when several of our legal professionals were included in the Super Lawyers® or Rising Stars lists. This honor is bestowed upon only a small minority of legal practitioners across the nation, highlighting the caliber of our legal team.

Furthermore, three of our lawyers were included in The Best Lawyers in America©, a prestigious distinction presented by the esteemed publication Best Lawyers®. You can find our founding partners, Attorneys Stephen Wagner and Jason Reese among the honorees of Indiana’s  Top 25 Super Lawyers® and Best Lawyers®, who were selected due to their remarkable achievements.

With over 150 years of combined experience, the attorneys of our law firm are dedicated to helping truck accident victims get their lives back on track, pursue justice, and have a fair chance of receiving the compensation they deserve. Throughout our combined accomplishments, we have been honored by the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, and the U.S. News & World Report.

Truck accidents often cause catastrophic injuries and result in costly medical bills and lost wages for victims. However, many victims face even more challenges due to the effect the traumatic incidents have on their mental health. When the stakes are this high, it’s important to protect your rights to compensation by hiring an attorney to handle your claim.

The Evansville truck accident lawyers at Wagner Reese have a proven track record in truck accident cases. We will fight for maximum compensation on your behalf. Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation case review.

Common Evansville Truck Accident Injuries

Because a truck accident can be devastating and dangerous, several injuries can happen. These accidents are often fatal, resulting in a wrongful death claim.

If you have suffered any of the following injuries, do not hesitate to seek medical attention as soon as possible:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Broken bones
  • Whiplash
  • Burn injuries
  • Internal organ damage
  • Severe lacerations
  • Eye and facial injuries

Even if you feel fine now, it is typically best to seek medical attention. That is because some delayed injuries may not be evident until much later. These injuries can worsen over time because you are unaware of them, causing devastating results.

Worse, the insurance companies may use this against you if you do not immediately seek attention for your injuries. They might claim that you must have been injured in an unrelated accident and may use that as grounds to deny you. That is why it is important to act now, not later.


What Sets Our Truck Accident Lawyers Apart?

Founding partner Stephen Wagner has been selected as one of the Top 10 Trucking Trial Lawyers in Indiana by the Trucking Trial Lawyers Association (TTLA). Our lawyers have also been recognized by our peers in the legal community, including Super Lawyers®, Indiana Trial Lawyers Association, The National Trial Lawyers, the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, The Best Lawyers in America©, and U.S. News & World Report.

Our team has won several multi-million-dollar cases for our clients. Here are just a few of the results we’ve achieved:

  • $6.5 million from a fatal accident involving a semi-truck crash.
  • $4.57 million in an underinsured motorist claim against a truck driver’s employer
  • $1.95 million for a motorist hit head-on at an intersection by a delivery truck driver.
  • $1.75 million for a traumatic brain injury suffered in a head-on collision.
  • $1.5 million for a pregnant mother injured by an impaired truck driver.

Though these results don’t guarantee future outcomes, they show that we fight for our clients to get them the compensation they’re entitled to after being injured in a commercial vehicle crash.

Are Truck Accident Cases Different from Other Types of Crashes?

Yes, truck accident cases are unique in many ways. Several state and federal laws govern heavy trucks and truck drivers. Understanding these laws is critical to successfully handling a truck accident claim.

Trucking companies are also well-prepared to handle any claims made against them or their drivers. They often have teams of lawyers ready to defend them. That’s why having a lawyer who has handled these claims and has a proven record of success is vital.

Truck accidents also tend to cause more serious injuries than crashes involving passenger vehicles. Injuries might include traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, internal organ damage, and compound fractures.

The harm victims suffer in crashes with semi-trucks is often life-changing in many ways. They may be unable to do their jobs, experience chronic pain, and suffer post-traumatic stress.

In other words, tractor-trailer accidents are complex, and the stakes are usually high for victims. It’s important to find a lawyer whose experience matches the challenges you face.

What to Do in the Aftermath of an Evansville Truck Accident

An Evansville truck accident is a devastating, dangerous incident, and you may have difficulties overcoming the severe suffering you have experienced. Below are a few early steps to protect your claim and seek compensation.

First, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Even if you feel fine, acting now can protect you from future issues and help you avoid complications with the insurance company.

If possible, gather evidence at the scene of the accident. Accident scenes get cleaned up eventually, which means much of the evidence may be lost if you do not act as soon as possible. However, your health and safety come first, so if you cannot take pictures of the scene or otherwise gather information, let your lawyer handle the details.

Make sure you speak to the authorities about your case as soon as possible. You will need to contact the police as well as other emergency services, such as an ambulance. These services can help you recover from the accident and protect onlookers.

One of the most vital steps to protect your compensation following an Evansville truck accident is to hire a lawyer as soon as possible. Your lawyer can help you identify the at-fault party, gather evidence, and represent you in court. Contact one of our attorneys if you need to take action.

Multiple Parties Could Be Responsible for Your Damages

Another unique aspect of truck accidents is that many parties might be liable for the damages you’ve suffered. They include:

  • The truck driver – The truck driver – Truck drivers could be distracted, fatigued, impaired, or negligent in other ways when they caused the crash.
  • Trucking companies – Trucking companies are supposed to ensure their drivers are vetted and their trucks are properly maintained. If they fail to do so, they could be liable for your injuries.
  • The truck’s manufacturer – In some cases, defective trucks or truck components lead to crashes. In these situations, they can be held responsible for the costs you’re facing through product liability claims.
  • Other third parties – The trucking industry is complex, and different companies can load or maintain the trucks. Your attorney will examine your case from all angles to determine who is responsible.

Sometimes, multiple parties share liability for a single truck accident. It’s important to work with a lawyer who understands the complexities of these cases, so they can pursue every path possible to get you the compensation you deserve.

Insurance Companies May Not Be On Your Side

Trucking companies must carry a certain amount of insurance for commercial drivers, meaning they should be able to cover the cost of the accident. Unfortunately, you may have difficulties getting compensation from the insurance companies.

That is because insurance companies are for-profit businesses. They may do everything possible to prevent paying for a significant settlement. This is especially common in truck accidents because they can be very expensive.

Your lawyer can be a negotiator between you and the insurance company. However, suppose the insurance company still fails to negotiate with you. In that case, your lawyer can help you file a claim, especially if the insurance company acted in bad faith.

Types of Trucks That Cause Major Injuries

Many different types of vehicles are commercial or utility trucks and, thus, subject to unique laws. Semi-trucks, also called big rigs or tractor-trailers, are just one example of a vehicle type commonly associated with these cases. They also include:

  • Flatbed trucks
  • Agricultural trucks
  • Garbage trucks
  • Delivery trucks
  • Tanker trucks
  • Mail trucks
  • Tow trucks
  • Cement trucks
  • Construction trucks
  • Other types of box trucks

Whether you were involved in a crash with a vehicle type listed above or another kind of commercial vehicle, your next steps are the same. Seek medical treatment as soon as possible and contact an attorney with experience handling truck accident cases.

Compensation Available for Evansville Truck Accident Victims

When you are injured in a severe truck accident, it can be challenging to recover. You may need compensation that covers your severe losses, but what is your compensation worth?

Determining the value of your claim depends on the damages you have experienced because of the accident. If you are unsure what your claim is worth, do not hesitate to contact our team to learn more.

Economic Damages

Truck accidents can be extremely expensive. You may have devastating, long-term medical bills to cover, including costs for future surgeries, rehabilitation, and worsening injuries.

Any financial cost you have suffered because of your injuries in a truck accident should be compensated for. If you have suffered any losses with a known dollar value, talk to your lawyer and get the help you need calculating these damages.

Non-Economic Damages

When you have suffered a devastating accident, it can have more than just a financial impact on your future. Many people suffer from non-economic damages that impact their emotional and mental well-being.

For example, you may have suffered an injury that caused severe pain and suffering. You should be compensated for the cost of your physical recovery and the mental and emotional toll of the injury.

Non-economic damages can be trickier to calculate because they do not have a noticeable dollar value. Because of this, your lawyer will have to calculate the value of your mental and emotional suffering.

Punitive Damages

You may also be eligible for punitive damages. Rather than compensating you, punitive damages punish the wrongdoer for the suffering they caused. Typically, these are offered when the driver was dangerously negligent or actively tried to harm you.

Remember that these damages are not awarded in every case, and they can be challenging to get. Your lawyer can speak with the judge and determine whether you are eligible for punitive damages.

Evansville Truck Accident FAQ

When you are hurt in a severe accident, you may have difficulties getting answers following your injuries. Because of this, you may need to seek an attorney as soon as possible.

Check out the frequently asked questions below. We offer answers to case-specific questions during your free consultation, but you can get started now.

What if I cannot afford an attorney?

Affording an attorney is not as difficult and expensive as many people think. That is because our Indianapolis personal injury attorneys use contingency fees. That means your fees are based on your compensation. You only pay us a percentage of the compensation you win.

That means you only pay us if we win your case. That helps to ease some of the financial burden on our clients.

What if a loved one died in a truck accident?

Losing a loved one in a truck accident can be a devastating experience. Fortunately, you can get financial compensation for your losses. If you believe you have grounds for a wrongful death claim after a fatal truck accident, contact an attorney who can help you.

My child was injured in a truck accident. Can I still sue?

If your child is a minor injured in a truck accident, they may not be able to sue. While the statute of limitations will not begin until they turn 18, evidence could get lost in the interim.

Fortunately, you can be granted guardian ad litem status for their well-being. Talk to your lawyer about being granted this status so you can file on their behalf and get compensation for the damages they have already suffered.

How long will it take to settle my truck accident claim?

The length of a truck accident claim often depends on the details of the accident. For example, if you were involved in a less severe accident, the insurance company might be willing to negotiate. In other cases, it could be a devastating crash that totaled your car and put you in the hospital. In these cases, the insurance company may be unwilling to pay.

While we cannot promise a specific timeline for your claim, we can ensure that we will work hard to ensure you get the total compensation you are due. We will not stop until we get you the maximum compensation for your claim.

What if the at-fault party was breaking the law and caused my accident?

If the at-fault party broke the law when they caused your serious accident, they might face a criminal trial before going to civil court for your claim. The criminal court will not offer financial compensation but will punish the wrongdoer for breaking the law.

However, that does not mean you will not be eligible for compensation. Talk to your lawyer about the timeline to sue, as you will need to wait for the at-fault party’s criminal trial to close.

Contact the Evansville Truck Accident Lawyers at Wagner Reese

In summary, our Evansville Truck Accident Lawyers have received widespread acclaim, earning numerous accolades and commendations from esteemed institutions in recognition of our passionate, dynamic, zealous, swift, and efficient legal advocacy. As a result of our dedication to providing justice, in 2020, eight of our attorneys were honored with coveted spots on the Super Lawyers® and Rising Stars lists, a distinction reserved for a select few legal practitioners on a national scale.

Additionally, three of our accomplished attorneys achieved placements in The Best Lawyers in America©, a prestigious recognition presented by the renowned publication Best Lawyers®. Among Indiana’s Top 25 Super Lawyers® and Best Lawyers® honorees, our founding partners, Attorneys Stephen Wagner and Jason Reese, shine as exemplary models of excellence.

Throughout our law firm’s inception in 1997, we have been fighting on behalf of negligence victims for decades and have seen various truck accident cases with varying degrees of legal complexities that we overcame in our client’s best interests.

Many of our lawyers have achieved several multi-million dollar verdicts for our clients, contributing to our peer recognition in the legal community, which resulted in our law firm being honored in various ways by prestigious publications such as Super Lawyers®, the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, The Best Lawyers in America©, and U.S. News & World Report.

After a truck accident, you need an advocate who will stand up for their clients’ rights. At Wagner Reese, we work on a contingency fee basis, which means we only get paid if we win your case.

Our consultations are also free, so you can discuss your case with an experienced attorney at no cost and with no obligation to move forward if you don’t wish to do so.

Contact the Evansville truck accident lawyers at Wagner Reese today to schedule your free case assessment and start pursuing justice and proper compensation for all your losses and injuries.