Your aging loved ones deserve dignity and respect in their final years. Unfortunately, nursing home neglect and abuse are common occurrences in assisted living facilities, resulting in severe injuries that often lead to death. Get justice for your elderly relatives with the Carmel nursing home neglect lawyers at Wagner Reese, LLP. Our firm has fought for nursing home abuse victims for over two decades to recover maximum compensation and hold the responsible parties accountable.

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We have the experience it takes to represent nursing home abuse and neglect victims and do so with the utmost care. We are completely committed to providing you with our unwavering legal guidance and support, lending our voice to the elderly to protect them and obtain maximum compensation. Our numerous accolades mean that you can have full confidence while in our capable hands throughout your nursing home neglect case.

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There comes a time when we can no longer care for our loved ones, and we have to trust in a nursing home to give them the companionship and care they need. When nursing home neglect occurs, it can be heartbreaking for you and your loved one, knowing that the trust you gave to the nursing home was broken.

The Carmel nursing home neglect lawyers at Wagner Reese represent individuals and families who have been harmed by elder abuse. When the stakes are high, you need a lawyer knowledgeable in nursing home abuse and neglect.

What is Nursing Home Neglect?

Nursing home neglect can happen to residents both physically and emotionally. Physical abuse can occur by punching, slapping, or lack of appropriate care toward the elderly.

When residents are left bedridden without being moved for a long time, they can get bedsores, leading to more serious issues such as sepsis.

Emotional abuse occurs when the nursing home staff treats the residents with a lack of respect. They may yell at them, curse, or threaten them. The level of respect the residents deserve is not provided by the Carmel nursing home staff members.

A Carmel nursing home neglect lawyer can help you gather evidence proving abuse occurred and the extent of the damages incurred.

How Can a Carmel Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer Help?

Your Carmel nursing home neglect attorney can file a legal claim on behalf of the abused resident. In order to be successful, your nursing home abuse lawyer will need to prove the following:

  • The nursing home facility owed a duty of care to the elderly resident
  • The nursing home facility was negligent when breaching its duty of care
  • The negligence directly led to the elderly resident’s injury or death
  • Injury or death resulted in economic and non-economic damages

After your personal injury lawyer proves these four elements, the nursing home may offer a settlement amount without going to trial. If this does not occur, your lawyer will file a formal lawsuit on your behalf.

How Long Do I Have to File a Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuit in Carmel?

Indiana has a statute of limitations allowing plaintiffs to file a personal injury claim for up to two years from the date of the suspected abuse. If evidence of the abuse comes after the deadline has passed, you have likely lost your right to file a lawsuit. When the stakes are the highest, you need an experienced Carmel nursing home neglect lawyer to fight for your legal rights.

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In short, choosing our Carmel nursing home neglect lawyers is your best path to standing up to the abusers who have harmed your loved one at the nursing home. We will fight to get the highest level of compensation and advocate for victim rights. The attorneys at Wagner Reese fight for justice and commit to providing you with the highest level of compassion and service.

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When you have to put an aging relative into a nursing home, you do so for their care and benefit. You put trust in this facility to care for someone you love, and that trust is shattered when they neglect and abuse their residents. Wagner Reese will not tolerate such atrocities and will find the best way to approach your case, holding the nursing home accountable to pay the maximum compensation possible. We will stand by you throughout it all and ensure your loved one is given the proper dignity and consideration they deserve.

It is painful to watch the people we love age, and even more so to see them hurt by abusers who are supposed to provide their daily care. Call Wagner Reese today to set up a free initial consultation at 317-569-0000.