In a recent six-year period, data shows that 271 workers were killed in trench collapses and excavation accidents. Construction trenching and excavation projects are among the most dangerous in the industry. The majority of these accidents occur in small companies with only a few workers involved in projects.

In addition, most of the deaths that have occurred were completely preventable. So, if most companies are only working with a small number of employees and the factors that caused the accidents were avoidable, why do we still see injuries and accidents occurring from trench collapses and excavation projects at such an alarmingly high number? Unfortunately, trench collapses frequently occur due to negligence, particularly negligent failure to follow safety standards.

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Excavation Accident Procedures

OSHA reports that two workers die every month as a result of trench collapses in the U.S. According to the United States Department of Labor, trenching and excavating are recognized as one of the most dangerous activities for workers.

Due to the dangers associated with trenches, OSHA provides a checklist and guidelines for trench and excavation work to specifically address accidents in and near trenches that are avoidable. OSHA also provides the safety guidelines in Spanish to help protect workers that don’t speak English.

If you are involved in a trench collapse accident, follow these procedures:

  • Get to a safe location immediately if possible, then get medical attention as soon as possible.
  • Notify your employer and file an injury or accident report.
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