Around 5:30 a.m. Saturday morning, Sarah Burgett was trying to cross SR
37 in Fishers when she was struck by two different vehicles. The 27-year-old
woman was pronounced dead at the intersection of 131st Street and SR 37. The crash remains under investigation, but drugs and
alcohol are not believed to have played a role in the accident. Both drivers,
a 43-year-old Indianapolis man and a 69-year-old Fishers woman, remained
at the scene of the accident and cooperated fully with crash investigators.

Pedestrians Particularly Vulnerable in Twilight Hours

We have frequently written about the dangers pedestrians face. Though we
do not yet know exactly what circumstances contributed to the tragic death
of Sarah Burgett in Fishers, the time of the accident may be important.
The most dangerous times of day for pedestrians are during twilight hours.
Twilight refers to both the morning between dawn and sunrise and between
sunset and dusk. Morning and evening twilight hours can be tricky due
to the way the lighting impacts vision. It can be difficult for drivers
to see a pedestrian, and in the early morning hours, they may not be expecting
pedestrians on the road. Add this to potentially sleepy drivers, and it
is easy to see how accidents could happen.

The evening
twilight is the most dangerous for pedestrians all year round. The lighting remains an issue, just as in the mornings;
however, the mentality of drivers as they leave their workdays may also
play a role. Both driver and pedestrian may make mental mistakes in situations
where they are tired, frustrated, or in a hurry.

As we’ve noted before, a pedestrian is killed every other hour in
the United States, and pedestrian injuries occur every seven minutes.
Every year, thousands of lives are forever impacted by pedestrian accidents.
Municipalities and non-profit organizations pay close attention to dangerous
intersections and navigate the many options available to them to increase
pedestrian safety. In addition, vehicle drivers and pedestrians alike
can take steps to increase the safety of those walking on the road.

We encourage those in our community to keep their eyes open for pedestrians,
particularly during the twilight hours, to stop fully at lights and stop
signs, and to drive safely within posted speed limits. We also urge pedestrians
to use marked crosswalks, to avoid sudden and unpredictable movements
into the road, and to stay alert and avoid distractions while walking.
Though we may never stop pedestrian accidents entirely, we can all play
a role in reducing injuries and fatalities for the most vulnerable on
our roads.

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