Self-driving cars are a new and exciting type of technology that many are seeking out for their personal or business use. However, even artificial intelligence (AI) can make mistakes. It can also suffer from glitches or errors caused by manufacturing mistakes. Unfortunately, these issues can leave you and other drivers injured. However, if you were not at the wheel, who is at-fault in a self-driving car accident?

Before you take legal action, it is vital to know who is financially responsible for the injuries you have suffered. Once you have determined fault, you and the attorneys at Wagner Reese, LLP can begin to pursue compensation.

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An Introduction To Wagner Reese, LLP And Our Experience In Personal Injury Law

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An Explanation Of Self-Driving Car Technologies And Their Potential Benefits And Risks

Self-driving car technology is designed to provide support to drivers to mitigate risk. With advanced sensors at several key points on the car, this technology can sense potential risks on the road and help drivers evade them. For example, if there is a fallen tree blocking the road, and you are unable to see it, these sensors can slow or stop your vehicle before an accident happens.

At the more comprehensive end of the self-driving car phenomenon, the sensors can be used to pilot the vehicle without input from a driver. In these cases, advanced AI makes decisions on navigating between points, using information about speed limits, GPS, and sensors for hazards such as objects in the road or even pedestrians.

An Exploration Of The Various Factors That Could Contribute To Self-Driving Car Accidents

Unfortunately, there are issues that can lead to an accident with a self-driving car. One of the biggest issues is that this technology is not perfect. While some of these vehicles are already on the road, many have reported issues with sudden changes, or even a lack of recognition of a hazard.

For example, some people have reported that their self-driving car has sped through red lights or did not stop for pedestrians. In these cases, while the driver may be able to take over quickly and prevent an accident, this can lead to injuries and even death if a driver is not fast enough.

Likewise, self-driving cars cannot account for all human activity. For example, if another driver falls asleep behind the wheel or is driving drunk, and suddenly swerves into your lane, the computer’s reaction time may not be fast enough to prevent an accident.

Insights Into The Challenges Of Establishing Fault In Self-Driving Car Accidents Due To The Involvement Of Technology

Self-driving car accidents can happen for a number of reasons, but when you are hurt and need compensation, you need to understand liability in self-driving car crashes. Determining who is at fault for your accident can help you determine your best route to a successful lawsuit.

Below are a few parties that may be held financially responsible for your accident:

  • Other drivers
  • Self-driving car manufacturers
  • Self-driving car developers
  • The driver of the self-driving car when you are a passenger
  • Government entities

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The Role Of Manufacturers, Developers, And Operators In Liability Determination

If your self-driving car accident is caused by a mistake of the AI or the breakdown of a vehicle, the fault may lie with the manufacturers or developers. These groups are tasked with ensuring their product is as safe as possible, and if common defects are leaving you hurt, you may have grounds for a lawsuit.

Likewise, if an operator injures you as a passenger, they can still be held liable for your injuries. While the car may be self-driving, they are still responsible for staying as safe as possible on the road.

Information On The Importance Of Legal Representation To Navigate The Complexities Of Self-Driving Car Accident Cases

Determining fault in autonomous vehicle accidents is a key part of navigating your self-driving car accident case, but seeking legal representation is also vital. Without an attorney on your side, it can be difficult to get the support and guidance you need for your claim.

Likewise, if you are suing an autonomous vehicle company, they may push back significantly on your claim. If you do not have legal support with the knowledge and experience you need to mount an aggressive defense, it can be tough to recover.

Relevant Laws, Regulations, And Precedents Related To Self-Driving Car Accidents

Because self-driving cars are so new, laws and regulations are changing every day. However, most laws still assert that, as the driver, you still have certain responsibilities even if the car is self-driving, and manufacturers still have a responsibility to be aware of issues with their products.

Our team is still staying up to date as this legal landscape changes. For aid in applying the latest regulations and precedence to your claim, reach out to our team for help.

When identifying fault in a self-driving car accident claim, there are a few levels of autonomy that a self-driving car can be at. First, let us say that your self-driving car is built to avoid road hazards. Yet, something goes wrong with the AI, and it speeds up rather than slowing down. In these cases, the fault may lie with the manufacturer.

However, if you were struck by a self-driving car because the driver was not paying attention to the road and failed to disengage the AI, you may potentially have a case against that driver. As self-driving cars become more common, issues like these become more common.

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Steps You Should Take If Involved In A Self-Driving Car Accident

If you have been involved in a self-driving car accident, the first step is to stay calm. While this is a scary, painful experience, staying calm can help you tackle this situation and get the help you need.

First, seek out medical attention. Getting the care you need is vital to your health, and it can even save your life. You will also need to report your accident to the police and your insurance company. While at the scene, if possible, gather evidence like photos of the scene and any witness information or contact information for those involved in the crash.

Then, reach out to an attorney, like our team at Wagner Reese. We have tools and resources to help you overcome the devastating impacts of an accident by guiding you through the legal process and representing you in the courtroom.

Services Provided By Wagner Reese, Llp In Handling Self-Driving Car Accident Cases And How We Protect The Rights Of Our Clients

If you have been injured by a self-driving car, you may need certain services that our award-winning team at Wagner Reese, LLP can provide. With three of our attorneys named in The Best Lawyers in America©, eight attorneys on either the Super Lawyers® or Rising Stars lists, and decades of experience getting results for clients like you, we are prepared to tackle your self-driving car accident claim and get you the compensation you are due.

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