It is very difficult to live with the results of a catastrophic injury. If you have suffered a catastrophic injury, you may be owed financial compensation for the associated damages. Contacting a legal professional is the best way to secure the money you deserve. 

In the following article, we will examine many of the common issues that arise from catastrophic injury claims. Which types of injuries count as “catastrophic”? How should you go about pursuing financial recovery? Which catastrophic injuries are eligible for lifelong compensation? 

If you have questions like these, read on. 

What Defines a Catastrophic Injury?

Within the realm of personal injury law, there is no single definition of catastrophic injury. However, those injuries that count as “catastrophic” usually present long-term and severe challenges for the victim. 

Because there is no single definition, hiring a qualified lawyer is incredibly important. Personal injury lawyers fight for their clients’ interests and work to prove the very real damages from their injuries. A skilled personal injury attorney can work to secure the maximum possible compensation in your case.

The following types of severe injuries are often understood as catastrophic:

  • Spinal cord damage, especially if it results in paralysis
  • General spinal injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Severe burns
  • Loss of limb
  • Severe head injuries
  • Disfigurement and substantial scarring injuries

These are only some of the types of damage that can be categorized as catastrophic injuries. Any injury that causes permanent or long-term difficulty for the injured person may qualify. 

Catastrophic injuries often prevent the victim from living as they did before their accident. These severe injuries may result in major disruptions to the person’s life, including loss of income or the need for long-term medical care.

Determining the Severity of an Injury 

To some extent, the catastrophic nature of a particular injury will depend on the circumstances. For instance, the injury’s impact on the victim is determined by the person’s way of life. 

For instance, suppose that a single mother suffers a head injury in a slip and fall accident. This injury may prevent her from caring for her children in the ways that she did before. The head injury may keep her from earning money to support her family. 

As you can see, the consequences of an injury will differ from case-to-case. In order to discuss the particularities of your personal injury case, contact a skilled catastrophic injury attorney.  

Seeking Financial Recovery for a Catastrophic Injury

If you were hurt because of someone else’s negligent behavior, you should not bear the financial burden of your injury alone. In general, the more severe an injury’s impact is, the more compensation the victim should expect. 

However, each catastrophic injury case is unique. Whether a catastrophic injury claim results in lifelong compensation will depend to some extent on the skill of the victim’s lawyer. When an injury presents long-term consequences for the person, their case may become very complex.

A victim who suffers from a minor injury will only need to seek compensation for a limited amount of time. But catastrophic injuries may result in the victim suffering from permanent symptoms and difficulties. 

If you are seeking lifelong financial compensation for a catastrophic injury, you will need a highly qualified attorney. Your attorney may need to consult with economic or medical experts to determine or quantify:

  • Necessary medical treatments and care
  • Anticipated future medical bills and expenses
  • The injury’s impact on your long-term earning capacity
  • Any other relevant economic damages

In addition to these costs, your attorney can also seek non-economic damages like pain and suffering in your case. These are the costs that cannot be easily calculated, but they are essential to include in your claim. Your lawyer will work with you to help you determine how much to demand in non-economic damages.

Contact a Skilled Catastrophic Injury Attorney

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