According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 2 million people are injured on America’s roadways in vehicle accidents. The number of injuries in large truck crashes approximates 147,000. Most of the injuries (68%) occurred to the occupants of vehicles other than the trucks.

Since a driver or passenger in a car could be injured if involved in a truck accident, it’s essential to know what to do at the scene. As soon as possible, they should retain the services of a Carmel truck accident lawyer to provide legal guidance.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

According to the NHTSA, most accidents occur because of driving while under the influence, speeding, and disregarding road safety rules. However, there are many other factors that can also lead to truck accidents.

  • Driver negligence consists of behaviors such as flaunting traffic rules and operating a vehicle while fatigued.
  • Mechanical failure could be to blame where poorly maintained trucks malfunction and cause accidents due to brake, steering, or tire failure.
  • Road conditions such as wet roads, potholes, or icy surfaces contribute to truck accidents.
  • Distractions like talking or texting on a cell phone while driving divert attention from the road.

Steps to Take if You Are in a Truck Accident

Thinking straight can be hard after a truck accident. There’s so much going on, and one might wonder what to do first. Here are some critical steps to consider after a truck accident.

1. Seek Medical Attention

As a rule of thumb, personal well-being should be the priority. Call an ambulance for emergency services if the truck accident caused any injury or life-threatening conditions. This advice applies even when victims believe they have not sustained significant injuries.

Waiting too long to seek medical attention gives your insurance company deniability regarding the severity of your injuries. Immediate medical attention can also be an essential record of the accident and injuries sustained. A truck accident lawyer in Carmel can use this record as evidence in court.

2. Call the Police

Before calling a truck accident lawyer, Carmel residents should place a call to 911 and inform dispatch of the accident location.

The Carmel Police Department will document the accident and injuries suffered. They can also help preserve the scene of the accident and ensure all parties to the accident are identified and held responsible. Additionally, the police report generated from the accident might make or break a personal injury claim.

How to File a Police Report in Carmel

A police report is the officer’s written account of an accident prepared by the responding officer. The report serves as the official record of the incident. It documents important details about the accident, such as the date, time, location, and people involved.

To file a police report in Carmel, contact the Carmel Police Department about the accident. The Department will dispatch an officer to the scene of the accident. The responding officer will take statements from all parties involved, document any evidence, and file the report with the Department. A personal injury lawyer can use this report when pursuing legal proceedings related to the accident.

3. Gather Information

What information is needed? Ideally, try to obtain the following:

  • Names of the parties involved
  • Contact information
  • Insurance information
  • License plate numbers
  • Driver’s license information

Also, take pictures of the accident scene. Capture any damage to the vehicles, property, and visible injuries. This information will corroborate any legal claims for damages from the accident.

How to gather information from witnesses

Witness statements can offer invaluable evidence for a claim. Take down their names and contact information after asking for a brief description of what happened from their point of view. Document witness statements in writing and get them to sign. Finally, if they’re willing, ask them about their availability to testify in court if necessary.

4. Document the Scene of the Accident

Document the accident scene by taking photos and videos of:

  • The entire scene
  • Positions of vehicles involved
  • Injuries to victims
  • Damage to the vehicles
  • Any other thing that builds the scene and explains what happened

Wagner Reese: Experienced Truck Accident Lawyers

After a truck accident, take the necessary precautions to protect your safety, obtain medical care, and safeguard your legal rights. Then contact an experienced truck accident lawyer to assess your case. Personal injury lawyers in Carmel can help navigate the insurance claims process and protect your right to compensation for injuries suffered in the accident. They will build a strong case in court and ensure you get the best outcome possible.

Were you involved in a truck accident in Carmel? Don’t hesitate to take the steps outlined above and retain the services of an experienced Carmel Truck Accident Lawyer. We love to help people protect their future and get what they deserve. Contact us for a free consultation today!