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Driver’s Left-Hand Turn Error Leaves Motorcyclist in Critical Condition

The Fort Wayne Police Department and the Allen County Prosecutor’s
office are investigating an accident that left a motorcycle rider in critical
condition after a crash with a sedan. The driver of the passenger car
was not injured. Police accident reports say the mid-afternoon accident
happened at the intersection of Bluffton and Winchester roads between
a silver Pontiac Grand Am and the motorcycle traveling northbound on Bluffton
Road. Witnesses report seeing the driver of the passenger car attempting
to make a left-hand turn onto Winchester Road from southbound Bluffton
Road and then approached the path of the motorcycle, which then broadsided the car.

After a two-year drop in motorcycle crash fatalities, a recent report by
the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute has emerged that shows a rise in
motorcyclist deaths after the state’s year-over-year percentage
increase ranked highest in the nation.

No. 1 Cause of Motorcycle Accidents

Although they should be, drivers aren’t always on the lookout for
motorcycles and with a heightened risk of more drivers who are operating
while distracted on their phones, or are just being inattentive, collisions
between motorists and cyclists could grow. The most common motorcycle
accident occurs when a vehicle positioned in front of the bike is turning
left and basically cuts the cyclist off, without warning. The car or truck
driver typically fails to see a motorcycle operator or is unsure of their
speed and attempts a move to turn left too quickly. The end result is
nearly always serious.

Law enforcement officials expect non-motorcyclist drivers to play a role
in traffic safety and to:

  • Look Twice for Motorcycles: Motorists need to be especially alert and look
    both ways for motorcycles at intersections and when making a left-hand
    turn. This is where and when many accidents occur.
  • Share the Road: Drivers need to remember that motorcyclists are entitled
    to a full lane in order to maneuver and avoid road hazards and give the
    motorcyclist’s space respect by keeping a safe distance. Sharing
    the road will save lives.

Motorcyclist drivers can also help prevent a crash by always trying to
position their bike where it will most likely to be seen while maintaining
a fair amount of distance from other motorists. Driving alert and proceeding
with caution through intersections with these tips can help reduce being
hit while another driver is making a risky left-hand turn in front of them.

  • Try to figure out where other driver’s blind spots are and avoid
    traveling in them.
  • Watch the traffic patterns and be cautious of situations where lane changes
    are more frequent, or lanes are shifting in speed.
  • Avoid traveling where fast drivers are dodging congested traffic.
  • Watch for vehicles that are changing lanes by paying attention to their
    turn signals, wheels, and a driver who is busy moving in their seat.
  • Change position as traffic situations change and remember to slow down,
    cover your brakes and get ready to make safe, smart and quick choices
    if needed.

Safe motorcycling takes training, practice, balance, coordination, good
judgment and experience. Keeping the regular maintenance of a motorcycle
is also necessary to avoid being in an accident. Most important though
is for a driver to know their bike, abilities, and always wear the right
gear. That gear includes a motorcycle helmet. It’s the best protection
against a traumatic brain injury if a crash were to occur.

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