You enjoy riding your motorcycle on the scenic, peaceful roads of Indiana. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are more prone to injuries than other motorists on the road. Many motorcyclists are injured or killed by other drivers, but a specific issue for Harley Davidson riders is a dangerous product defect known as the “Harley Death Wobble.”

If you’re hurt in a Harley accident because of the death wobble, selecting the right personal injury attorney can result in more compensation for your injuries. Many motorcycle injuries involve long-term or even permanent disabilities, which is why you should rely on our Evansville lawyers for motorcycle accidents at Wagner Reese to obtain maximum compensation for your injuries or the death of a loved one.

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Front part of the motorcycle laying on the street after crash

What is The Harley Death Wobble?

Harley Davidson has made motorcycles for over 120 years, and many Americans would agree that their bikes are woven into American culture. However, there is an increasing number of riders who have been injured or killed because of the Harley Death Wobble. The company is aware of this problem, but it continues to cause many accidents throughout Indiana and the rest of the nation.

The Harley Death Wobble is a dangerous phenomenon where the bike’s rear tire kicks from one side to the other. Some motorcyclists call the issue a “shimmy” or “tank slapper,” and the problem can occur at high speeds when the physical forces applied to the bike are more than it can handle. It often happens during cornering because more stress is placed on the motorcycle chassis.

The death wobble often stems from an issue with the engine mount that increases the chances of accidents and injuries. The specific type of engine mount is supposed to reduce the chances of the frame moving. This can be an issue because the swing arm, which is the rear suspension part of the bike, is mounted to the back of the transmission. If the engine isn’t sufficiently constrained on three axes, there can be movement between the frame of the motorcycle and the swing arm.

Engine vibration can be magnified through the bike frame and cause a dangerous wobble at 70 MPH and higher speeds. While this design isn’t unique, Harley’s is unique among motorcycle manufacturers. The “death wobble” on a Harley is dangerous because the bike already has lower stability and traction on turns and curves than a four-wheeled vehicle. If a wobble is added into the equation, it doesn’t take much for a serious crash to occur that can lead to severe injury or death. Unfortunately, the death wobble has led to many severe injuries and fatalities among Harley riders.

Harley Davidson has conceded that some bikes suffer from the death wobble. But it also claims that other manufacturers have bikes with the same problem. Also, the company relies on injured riders and their families not suing because they think the company is too large to fight.

Harley may also believe that jury bias against motorcyclists can protect them from a large payout in a lawsuit. Some juries mistakenly believe that motorcyclists are risk-takers and may have done something to cause a severe accident.

If the Harley Death Wobble injures you or a loved one, the Wagner Reese law firm can help you. Our lawyers will go to the mat to obtain the most compensation for your losses, whether the accident was caused by the death wobble or another driver’s negligence.

How Long To Settle A Death Wobble Case?

Harley Davidson aggressively defends death wobble cases because admitting the problem can lead to litigation from other injured parties. That’s why it’s common for death wobble cases to take at least several months to settle. The case could take even longer if Harley Davidson won’t offer a fair settlement, and we must take them to court. When we review your motorcycle accident case, we will lay out your legal options and offer a potential timeline.

Fatal motor bike crash with the helmet on the street

Our Evansville, Indiana Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Can Help You

Riding a motorcycle is one of life’s joys, but your world can be turned upside down if you’re in an accident. If an accident happens, our Evansville motorcycle accident attorneys at Wagner Reese can make a huge difference in the compensation obtained in your personal injury claim.

The Wagner Reese law firm fights for the most compensation possible and will work tirelessly on your behalf. High-priced defense attorneys represent Harley Davidson, so these cases can be complex and expensive. However, we aren’t afraid to confront the largest insurance companies, law firms, or motorcycle manufacturers, and we will fight for the most money possible. In addition to the top compensation we strive for, our motorcycle accident attorneys will offer you support and counsel throughout the process.

Choosing us to represent you is a wise decision, and you can feel confident in your choice by reviewing our client testimonials and numerous legal accolades and awards. Specifically, many of our motorcycle accident lawyers have been named to either the Super Lawyers® or Rising Stars lists. This is a notable achievement that only a small percentage of lawyers enjoy. Also, one of our founding partners, Stephen Wagner, was named one of the Top 50 Personal Injury Attorneys in Indiana by Super Lawyers®  between 2018 and 2023.

Overall, you can be assured that the motorcycle accident attorneys at Wagner Reese are highly qualified and will obtain the best possible results in your Harley Death Wobble case. We will ensure that your legal rights are safeguarded, as well. Please call (866) 828-0308 for a confidential consultation today.