As more companies take on the challenge of using self-driving cars, more issues and complications come to light for drivers. Unfortunately, many people have suffered injuries and complex legal claims because of self-driving cars, which may warrant a lawsuit.

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Overview of self-driving car technology and its implications for businesses.

Self-driving car technology has grown and expanded in recent years, booming in response to new advances in AI and other technology. This boom has made self-driving cars possible. It does, however, have implications for businesses and for legal claims.

Self-driving cars can change the landscape of transportation, including rideshare services and more. However, it may also open many businesses to new types of legal claims. AI is not perfect and has significant limitations that can lead to car accidents, leaving you injured.

List of companies known to be using self-driving cars, including both major players and emerging startups.

Every year, the number of companies using autonomous vehicles seems to grow. Below are some of the major players and emerging stars of the self-driving vehicle world:

  • Tesla – This car company has placed itself at the forefront of the self-driving vehicle boom. That fame has also brought many of the issues with these AI-piloted vehicles to the forefront.
  • Waymo – Waymo is another car seller, which creates and sells cars for both personal and commercial purposes. This company originally started as a side project under Google but has since grown significantly.
  • Zoox – This company, operating on the West Coast, has been growing a fully autonomous fleet of vehicles. Zoox is currently working to bring new ride-sharing opportunities to many cities.

Discussion of the benefits and challenges of self-driving car implementation.

Self-driving car technology in the corporate world provides new avenues for transit, ridesharing, and more. In theory, these vehicles should be more impartial than human drivers, meaning they never get tired, distracted, or inebriated. That is a boon to other drivers on the road and for the companies that would otherwise need to hire human drivers.

However, one of the biggest challenges to self-driving cars is the newness of this innovation, and the open-source nature of the program. Because it is so new, it is less tested than other driving technology and less regulated. That lack of regulation has led to dangerous biases in the code of many of these vehicles.

Explanation of the legal considerations and potential liabilities associated with self-driving car accidents.

If you are involved in a self-driving car accident, you may have specific legal considerations that other drivers may not. Often, the liability for your case can change depending on the specifics of your self-driving car accident.

For example, your accident may have been caused by a defect in the programming of this car. It may have responded in the wrong way to traffic lights, for example. In these cases, you may have grounds to sue the manufacturer for not completing the right testing to ensure this problem did not impact the consumers.

Wagner Reese, LLP is experienced in handling self-driving car accident cases and their track record of success.

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Examples of real-world self-driving car accidents and the legal implications they entail.

In cities where driverless vehicles are already joining the rest of the traffic, we already have plenty of examples of these self-driving vehicles causing issues for personal safety in many cities.

For example, in California, the California DMV suspended a driverless taxi service called Cruise after a pedestrian accident that severely injured a person.

The legal implications here are clear. When driverless vehicles make such severe miscalculations, their manufacturers and developers may be penalized for it. Further lawsuits and even potential class action lawsuits may be on the horizon.

Actionable tips and advice for individuals involved in self-driving car accidents or seeking legal recourse.

If you have been involved in a self-driving car accident, keep in mind that you may have opportunities for legal action. If you have been struck by a self-driving car, be sure to gather as much evidence as possible and get medical attention. Those medical records can be used to verify the information for your claim.

It is also important to speak with a legal professional about your accident. Because these self-driving cars are still so new, an attorney can guide you through this legal case and help you recover compensation for your injuries.

The importance of consulting with an experienced law firm like Wagner Reese, LLP in case of self-driving car accidents.

When you are seeking out an experienced law firm for your self-driving car accidents, you may be unsure where to turn because this tech is so new. Fortunately, the team at Wagner Reese, LLP has already begun gathering experience and knowledge to help injury victims like you get compensated.

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