When you are in need of pain and suffering compensation, you may need help getting compensated fairly. When you know your legal rights and have an attorney on your side, it may be easier to get these damages covered.

At Wagner Reese, LLP, we have spent 20 years in business helping clients like you get compensated for their pain and suffering damages. That track record has led to our attorneys being recognized in many prestigious areas and organizations, including three of our attorneys being included in the Best Lawyers in America presented by Best Lawyers®.

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Explanation of pain and suffering damages in personal injury cases

Pain and suffering damages are one of two types of compensatory damages. Unlike economic damages, which focus on the financial loss you have suffered, pain and suffering cover the intangible. That means any emotional and mental suffering you have experienced, including physical pain, may be included here.

However, that does make your benefits more difficult to calculate. While economic damages have a specific dollar value, pain and suffering damages do not. Because of this, you may need your pain and suffering damages explained in detail to ensure you are including all the specific damages you have been through.

Importance of pain and suffering damages in compensation claims

Pain and suffering claims are important because getting compensated for these intangible damages is difficult. It could be easier to prove you have suffered economic damage. You may have pictures, bills, and more to prove that you have suffered in this way. Pain and suffering can be much less obvious.

Because of this, seeking out pain and suffering damages is so important because it can be difficult to seek them out, but it can also protect you from paying out of pocket for your needs. Your attorney can help you identify the specific pain and suffering damages You are due and how your attorney can help.

Factors influencing the calculation of pain and suffering damages

Because pain and suffering damages are intangible, having the right factors in mind to calculate your damages is important. Pain and suffering damages are usually calculated based on the severity of your suffering and the impact it has had on your life.

For example, you may have suffered more physical pain than the average accident victim seeking compensation. However, if it does not affect your life as strongly, you may be due less financially. Talk to your attorney about what exactly your claim is worth before you begin to file. It can be difficult to determine how much your claim is worth until you have spoken with a lawyer.

Legal precedents and case studies illustrating different scenarios of pain and suffering damages

When calculating pain and suffering, there are a few different legal precedents for this process, but many attorneys use the multiplier method. This method assigns a number from one to five as a multiplier, based on the severity of your case.

Once you have determined the multiplier, your attorney will multiply that number and your economic damages. For example, if you suffered from severe PTSD because of a car accident, your attorney may assign your multiplier to three. If you estimated $10,000 for your economic damages, you would be seeking $30,000 for your non-economic damages.

While this is not the only way to calculate these damages, it is one of the most common. Talk to your attorney about your options to get the full value of your pain and suffering damages. Your attorney can give you further specifics for your case and can provide actual numbers for your claim.

Role of Wagner Reese, LLP in advocating for clients to obtain fair pain and suffering damages

When you need compensation for your pain and suffering, it can be difficult to get the compensation you are due. Part of this is because the at-fault party will typically do anything in their power to avoid paying for your damages. This is also because these cases are simply difficult to calculate appropriately.

Because of this, you may need legal guidance from the team at Wagner Reese, LLP to advocate for the fair damages you are due. They can do this by both calculating the damages you have suffered and pursuing them in the courtroom.

They can do this by using evidence they gather for the benefit of your payment suffering claim. For example, they may regularly check for progress as you heal. Understanding exactly how you heal your injuries can impact the outcome of your case.

Seeking out the team at Wagner Reese offers close, personal attention to your claim. We want to see your case succeed, and we are prepared to aid you in the process of attaining fair pain and suffering damages.

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Guidance on building a strong case for pain and suffering damages with the help of legal professionals

When you have suffered a serious injury or emotional trauma, you may need the case-specific guidance an attorney can offer. Building a strong case for pain and suffering damages can be tough alone, especially because you may not have physical signs of that pain and suffering. Fortunately, the attorneys at Wagner Reese, LLP, are prepared to help no matter the severity of your injuries and suffering.

If you have suffered one of these accidents, we work hard to get you the full compensation for all your damages, including your pain and suffering damages. Our attorneys are award winning professionals, with eight of our attorneys being recognized among the Super Lawyers® or Rising Stars lists. When you need guidance, we are prepared to give it.

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