Beovu intravitreal injections (also known as brolucizumab) are prescription drugs intended to treat an eye condition called wet age-related macular degeneration (wet AMD). Although Beovu was FDA approved in 2019, reports of significant adverse events led Beovu manufacturer, Novartis, and the FDA to issue additional warnings in 2020 of serious adverse events that could affect Beovu users. Specifically, retinal vasculitis, retinal vascular occlusion, inner eye inflammation and increased intraocular pressure, and severe vision loss have been reported as additional side effects of Beovu. Unfortunately, Beovu users were not previously warned of these serious potential side effects, resulting in Novartis updating the Beovu label to warn of the newly identified side effects.

How to Recognize the Signs of Retinal Vasculitis and Retinal Vascular Occlusion

If you use Beovu, it is important to recognize the signs of retinal vasculitis and retinal vascular occlusion, and seek treatment, as both conditions can lead to permanent vision loss or blindness.

Here are common symptoms of retinal vasculitis and retinal vascular occlusion:

  • Sudden change in vision, including blurry vision or partial or complete loss of vision
  • Visual floaters
  • Dark spots in the field of vision
  • Decreased ability to distinguish colors
  • Distortion of images in the visual field

If you have used Beovu intravitreal injections and are experiencing vision problems, seek immediate medical attention from a trusted medical professional. Report any changes in vision without delay. If possible, gather your medical and billing records. Contact an experienced drug injury lawyer to explore your legal options.

Beovu Litigation

Patients injured after taking Beovu are investigating legal action against Novartis, alleging that the company failed to warn doctors and patients of the serious side effects that can result from using Beovu.  When pharmaceutical companies fail to consider the safety of consumers, they may be held financially responsible for resulting illnesses and injuries. At Wagner Reese, our experienced drug injury attorneys can help you investigate your claims and pursue legal action against negligent parties. With experience taking on complex product liability cases, we will fight for your rights and provide the proficient representation you need.

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