Wagner Reese: Your Foodborne Illness Attorneys

Hi friends. I’m Jason Reese with Wagner Reese Law Firm. For the past
20+ years, our firm has been handling personal injury and wrongful death
cases throughout the country, one of which is food-borne illness cases.
We go shopping at the grocery store. We walk in, we pick out a fruit or
vegetable or a salad, we assume that safety precautions are taken for
our safety.

But the truth is, mistakes are made sometimes by those who process, manufacture,
distribute the food that we eat. We handle cases from Listeria to
Salmonella. If you think you’ve been a victim of a food poisoning incident
as a result of regular shopping, call us for a free consultation.

We can help you get it reported to the
Department of Health or the
Center for Disease Control and help you seek compensation for you and your family. I’m Jason
Reese with Wagner Reese.