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Because healthcare providers are responsible for the care of young children
and teenagers, these institutions have a responsibility to avoid hiring
sexual predators with a past history of misconduct, as they could gain
unprecedented access to vulnerable kids. In a stunning breach of this
duty, despite knowing he’d been accused and criminally charged with
prior abuse of children patients, Witham Health hired Lebanon pediatrician
Dr. Jonathon Cavins, who was recently
convicted on multiple counts of child molestation and sexual abuse.

At Wagner Reese, our hearts go out to all the victims of this horrific
abuse – and we also believe that there may be more young male victims
out there who have endured molestation because of negligent hiring practices
at Witham Health. Recently, our team filed a sexual abuse lawsuit against
the healthcare provider on behalf of two of Dr. Cavins’ victims,
and we are currently accepting new cases related to this injustice.

If you or your loved ones have visited Dr. Jonathon Cavins and have reason
to suspect abuse, contact Wagner Reese immediately at (888) 204-8440 or
message us online.
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An Alleged Sexual Predator at Witham Health

Last month, an Indiana jury found Dr. Jonathon Cavins guilty of molesting
at least 5 young male victims at the Witham Health Services pediatrics
suite, and he was subsequently convicted on no fewer than five felony
counts of sexual misconduct. These include two counts of child molesting,
one count of sexual misconduct with a minor, and two counts of child seduction.
The pediatrician’s medical license was also voluntarily surrendered
for 90 days, after a special petition by the
Indiana Attorney General’s Office.

In all cases, the victims allege that Dr. Cavins inappropriately touched
their genital areas after putting a condom on them. Although this was
a first conviction for Dr. Cavins, this is not the first time that the
pediatrician has been accused of sexually assaulting his young male patients:
In 2004, he was accused of two counts of sexual battery at Riley Hospital
for Children in Indianapolis, while he was still in the first-year pediatric
residency program. Witham Health hired Dr. Cavins despite this track record of abuse.

Fighting for Victims of Child Molestation and Abuse

At Wagner Reese, our
sexual abuse attorneys believe in holding negligent institutions accountable for allowing child
molestation to take place. When hiring staff, healthcare providers have
a responsibility to fully background-check each new candidate and ensure
that they will not pose a risk to future patients. In light of the recent
convictions, it’s clear that Witham Health failed to properly assess
the threat Dr. Cavins posed to his young victims. How could they allow
a predator to routinely perform examinations on pediatric patients alone?

It can often be difficult for victims of child molestation and abuse to
come forward, particularly when it was committed by a trusted doctor or
healthcare professional. If you believe your child or loved one has been
the victim of abuse, we recommend that you seek professional counseling
assistance as well as legal counsel to support them as they recover from trauma.

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