Wagner Reese Acts as Gold Level Sponsor for EDGE Mentoring Program

EDGE is a mentoring program that wants to empower and engage future leaders. By providing unique mentoring opportunities and an annual leadership conference, EDGE helps tomorrow’s workplace and community leaders realize their potential today. At this year’s EDGE│X leadership conference, world-renowned speakers will be sharing incredible insight and experiences with everyone in attendance.

Wagner Reese believes in supporting our communities, both locally and globally. To this end, we are proud to announce that we are Gold Level Sponsors of the EDGE Mentoring program! As a Gold Level sponsor, our law firm is helping more people gain access to the leadership and learning opportunities they need to succeed.

Focusing on Millennials to Build Tomorrow

The 2019 EDGE│X leadership conference is focusing on Millennials. According to polls, research, and surveys from multiple sources, Millennials are struggling at work, in the home, and in their own minds. About 66% of Millennials report feeling disengaged at work, about 90% feel spiritually absent, and most report levels of loneliness that exceed that of senior citizens.

EDGE│X is here to give Millennials the focus and drive through mentorship needed to establish their own sense of purpose. Wagner Reese is glad to be a part of such an important effort that can reshape the world for an entire generation.

If you want to go to the EDGE│X leadership conference in October, or if you want to know more about this important organization, you can click here to visit the official EDGE│X 2019 website. For more information about Wagner Reese and our work as Indiana attorneys, please feel free to call (888) 204-8440 or contact us online at any time.