Indiana Law for Mechanic Negligence

Mechanics take on a legal responsibility when hired to repair someone’s car. Car owners expect the problems to have been solved fully after a repair. When you exchange money for a certain level of care and service, you should not have to expect the repairs to be done without the correct level of expertise or done haphazardly since this can potentially lead to a car accident and result in serious injuries.

If you or a loved one have suffered a car accident after mechanical repairs were done to your vehicle. You need an experienced Indiana car accident lawyer to help you explore your legal options. Wagner Reese, LLP is a law firm widely trusted for its work on personal injury cases relating to vehicle mechanic negligence laws in Indiana. With decades of legal experience and a team of highly skilled lawyers, Wagner Reese provides complete legal services to people affected by the negligence of a mechanic they trusted.

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Vehicle Mechanic Negligence and Its Impact on Individuals in Indiana

Indiana does not have one central licensing organization for mechanics, which leads to little oversight of mechanics and automotive repair facilities. However, they must still be honest about their mechanical abilities and experience. If a mechanic does not repair or maintain the vehicle to industry standards, they will be considered negligent in their duties to the customer, which can lead to further vehicle damage, or cause an injury or death in an accident.

The Legal Framework for Handling Mechanic Negligence Cases in Indiana

To hold a car mechanic negligent, you are required to file a claim with an Indiana court before the statute of limitations expires, according to Indiana Code 34-11-2-4. It is important to build a solid case with the help of a car accident attorney before filing a legal claim. Thorough evidence is crucial for proving a mechanic’s negligence in accident cases.

The Role of Wagner Reese, LLP in Advocating for Clients Affected by Mechanic Negligence

A car accident attorney from Wagner Reese, LLP will handle all communication with the mechanic’s insurance company and their lawyer so you do not have to worry about saying the wrong thing. We will file all necessary court documents and ensure you stay on track throughout the process. We will keep you informed and in the know from start to finish.

Common Types of Mechanic Negligence and Their Consequences

Some common negligent mechanical repairs include:

  • Failure to complete the necessary repairs
  • Damaging a vehicle during the repair
  • Doing unneeded or incorrect repairs or procedures
  • Modifying parts or using the wrong replacement parts
  • Allowing an unqualified or untrained mechanic to complete the work

The Importance of Gathering Evidence and Documenting Damages in Mechanic Negligence Cases

No case is successful if it is not supported by solid evidence. You should begin collecting evidence immediately after the accident to ensure the proper documentation of your injuries and vehicle damage. Evidence can degrade over time, and witness statements can be forgotten, so time is essential.

The Process of Filing a Mechanic Negligence Lawsuit with Wagner Reese, LLP

Wagner Reese successfully advocates for their clients by:

  • Helping gather the necessary evidence against the mechanic
  • Placing a total value on your losses
  • Hiring experts when necessary
  • Taking your case to court when negotiations are unsuccessful

Successful Case Results and Testimonials From Satisfied Clients

Wagner Reese and their aggressive attorneys never give up without a fierce fight. We want our clients to receive the highest compensation available in their personal injury cases. Some of our top case results include the following:

  • $4.75 million truck accident case
  • $4 million vehicle accident case
  • $3 million truck accident case
  • $1.95 million vehicle accident case
  • $1.9 million vehicle accident case

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Providing Resources and Tips for Individuals Who Suspect Mechanic Negligence

If you suspect your Indiana car accident was due to the negligence of your vehicle mechanic you need a car accident attorney able to provide legal resources and tips for recovering compensation for your damages. Each of our nine attorneys skillfully handles car accident cases, settling for nothing but the highest compensation available to their clients. As always, we provide first-class service with understanding and compassionate representation. Reach out today using our secure online form or call us.