I May Have Been Affected by the Valsartan Recall. What Are the Most Important
Things for Me to Know?

The recent FDA recall of a popular blood pressure and heart failure medication
due to contamination with a cancer-causing agent has left millions of
patients feeling confused, angry, and misled. Attorneys at Wagner Reese
are hard at work investigating the failures that allowed the contamination
of Valsartan medication to go unnoticed for years. We have compiled a
list of the top seven things we think patients should know in light of
the recent Valsartan recall:

  1. What medications are included in the recall?
    • Not all Valsartan medications have been included in the FDA recall. Only
      Valsartan medications manufactured by certain companies have been recalled,
      including those from Teva Pharmaceutical, Major Pharmaceuticals, Solco
      Healthcare, and others. You can find a full list at the
      FDA website.
  1. I took Valsartan, what should I do now?
    • Contact your pharmacist to learn if your medication has been part of the
      recall. We recommend asking your pharmacist whether
      any of the blood pressure medications you have taken since 2012 may have been
      included in the recall.
  1. I have confirmed that my medication was part of the recall, what do I do now?
    • Do not stop taking your medication until you have consulted with your prescribing
      doctor to discuss your options. Valsartan alternatives exist. Abruptly
      stopping Valsartan medication without a replacement could cause significant
      harm. Speak with your prescribing physician before making any treatment
    • Keep any medication, prescription bottles, or recall notices that are still
      in your possession.
    • Contact an attorney to learn about your rights.
  1. I have cancer, could it have been caused by this drug?
    • Our research has shown that there is a 1 in 8,000 change of getting cancer
      after being exposed to the amounts of carcinogen found in some Valsartan
      medications. Although this may not seem like a lot, this is a significant
      risk that should be taken seriously.
  1. What kinds of cancer are caused by the contaminant, NDMA?
    • The answer is still being investigated by toxicologists. Right now, we
      believe the NDMA contaminant could cause an increased risk for numerous
      types of cancer, including liver, kidney, stomach, colon, esophagus, respiratory
      tract cancers, and others.
  1. Are there other harmful effects caused by NDMA?
    • Liver damage is another concern from this chemical contaminant, and possibly
      kidney damage. Other effects are being investigated. We recommend consulting
      with your primary care physician to obtain appropriate testing if you
      have concerns regarding your liver or kidney function after taking Valsartan.
  1. Does it matter how many long I was taking Valsartan?
    • We believe that individuals taking recalled Valsartan for longer than 30
      days warrant investigation. Based upon our research, patients taking Valsartan
      from 2012 to the present may have the strongest possibility of receiving
      contaminated medication.

If you or loved ones may have been harmed by contaminated Valsartan medication,
contact the aggressive trail lawyers at Wagner Reese, LLP, at (888) 204-8440.