Did you know a dog bites a person somewhere in the United States every 75 seconds? If a dog attacks someone in the Indianapolis or Evansville area, the victim could be you or someone you love. But you don’t have to tolerate this outrageous situation without taking action.

If you have been bitten by a dog and suffered injuries, you can rely on our attorneys at Wagner Reese, who are focused on dog bite cases, to represent you. If the dog owner was negligent or strictly liable for your dog bite injuries, you could receive compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost earnings.

Our dog bite law firm of Wagner Reese completely understands the suffering and inconvenience you can endure because of dog bites. You may have terrible scarring, disfigurement, unbearable pain, mental trauma, and more. Our legal team works tirelessly to compensate our dog bite victim clients appropriately.

Our proven personal injury law firm has an impeccable record of winning large settlements and favorable verdicts for our many satisfied personal injury clients. Rest assured that we are legal field leaders because many of our lawyers were named either Super Lawyers® or Rising Stars® status in 2023. Being named on either list is a highly coveted honor and reflects the skill and experience of our attorneys.

We take immense pride in representing the interests of dog bite victims in the Indianapolis community, and our past clients rave about our results. We look forward to communicating with you about your potential personal injury claim.

Dog Biting Hand of a Person

US Dog Bite Statistics

When a dog in Indiana bites you, it’s understandable to be curious about how common dog attacks and bites are. Unfortunately, the following statistics show that dog bite injuries are rising, and certain breeds are more likely than others to be aggressive. If a dog in Indiana bit you, the dog owner could be found negligent and liable for your injuries. Always have your case reviewed by a Wagner Reese attorney to learn your legal options

The following are some of the statistics regarding dog bites in the US:

  • More than 4.5 million dog bites occur in the US annually, and 800,000 receive medical attention after these incidents. About 50% of dog bite victims are children.
  • There were 48 US dog attack fatalities in 2019, and pit bulls were involved in 69% of those dog bite deaths. Pit bulls comprise only 8% of the dog population in the US, so this fact suggests that pit bulls are more likely to attack and bite.
  • Between 2005 and 2019, dogs mauled and killed 520 people in the US. Pit bulls and rottweilers were involved in 75% of these attacks.
  • In 2019, pit bulls, American bulldogs, rottweilers, and bull mastiffs were involved in 80% of fatal dog attacks.
  • Mixed-breed dogs had the second-highest fatality rate in 2019. They were involved in six fatalities, and pit bulls were involved in half of these fatal attacks.
  • The most common type of dog bite injury is punctures to the hands and arms. The CDC reports that almost 50% of dog bite injuries are to these parts of the body.
  • The group with the lowest chance of being attacked by a dog are those 85 and older. They may be less likely to encounter aggressive dogs in their daily routine.
  • Men are victims of 54% of fatal dog attacks. This could be for many reasons, but some experts believe their masculine form and features make them appear more threatening.
  • Unneutered male dogs are 2.5 times more likely to attack than neutered dogs. This suggests that an effective way to avoid dog attacks is to have your male dog neutered.
  • At least 5,300 postal workers were attacked in 2022. Dogs may view mail carriers as invaders of their personal space and behave aggressively around them.

What Are Typical Dog Bite Payout Statistics?

When a dog bites and injures someone, they may be entitled to compensation in a lawsuit. A dog bite lawyer can offer the best idea of what your specific claim could be worth. Dog bites can cause severe damage that requires extensive medical care and possibly reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation. In many cases, homeowner’s insurance policies pay for the victim’s damages.

Also, it is estimated that 17,500 homeowners’ insurance claims arose from dog bite injuries in 2022. If an attacking dog injures you, your compensation often depends on the insurance coverage available. It is also estimated that dog bite claims cost insurance companies over $1 billion in 2022 alone.

These types of claims make dog bite injuries a significant cost for homeowners insurance companies. You can expect the homeowner’s insurance company to contest any dog bite claim. That’s why it’s wise to retain an experienced Wagner Reese personal injury lawyer to stand up to the insurance company and fight for maximum compensation.

Rottweiler Dog Running in a Forest

Our Dog Bite Lawyers Will Pursue Maximum Compensation For You

Our dog bite attorneys at Wagner Reese are highly decorated and prestigious practitioners in personal injury law. Our lawyers understand the pain, agony, and inconvenience that severe dog bite injuries cause. You may have a stack of unpaid medical bills on your table, other bills you can’t pay, terrible pain and mental trauma, plus unpaid wages. You can rest assured that our attorneys understand and sympathize with your situation. We are ready to fight the insurance company for maximum compensation for your losses.

Several dog bite lawyers in our law firm have been recognized as Super Lawyers® or placed on Rising Stars lists. This honor is given to attorneys who have proven their professional skills and personal injury law expertise. Our dog bite attorneys in the Indianapolis and Evansville communities also have many clients thrilled with their impressive settlement or jury awards. If you are ready to have a top-flight dog bite lawyer fighting for maximum compensation, call our law office today at (866) 828-0308 for a free legal consultation.