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Which Dog Breeds Are Most Dangerous?

Approximately 4 million Americans are bitten by dogs annually. We have assembled this list of the most dangerous dog breeds so you are aware of the potential dangers. The dogs on this list were in a 2021 study on fatal dog attacks that found them to be among the most dangerous.

Pit Bulls

Pit bulls can be lovable and friendly, but they have a well-founded reputation for violence. The name ‘pit bull’ is a general term that is often applied to several varieties of terriers and bulldogs. Over 13 years, pit bulls were responsible for about ⅔ of all deadly dog bites in the US, resulting in 284 deaths.

Pit bulls have big, muscular bodies, strong jaws, and aggressive instincts. This trifecta makes them dangerous, so you should use caution around one.


Before pit bulls developed their fearsome reputation, the rottweiler was often considered the most dangerous dog breed. Rottweilers can weigh up to 120 pounds and are strong, muscular dogs. They also have an aggressive nature and can be temperamental. While they are protective and friendly to those in their home, they can be aggressive towards strangers.

Rottweilers are responsible for approximately 45 fatal attacks in the study mentioned above. They have a powerful bite, and they can wreak severe damage on the human body.

German Shepherds

German shepherds are working dogs with a history of military and law enforcement involvement. They are intelligent, strong, powerful, and can inflict fatal bites, usually weigh between 90 and 100 pounds, and can be over two feet tall. They tend to be territorial and aggressive and cause approximately 20 fatalities per year.


Many people like bullmastiffs because of their devotion to family. They are superior dogs for home protection but can be hostile towards guests. If you are considering a bullmastiff as a pet, you should ensure it is adequately socialized as a pup to ensure it isn’t aggressive towards strangers.

Bullmastiffs don’t bite as often as others on this list, but injuries can be devastating when they do. They weigh up to 130 pounds and are involved in about 15 fatal attacks each year.

American Bulldog

American bulldogs are strong working dogs and can weigh up to 100 pounds. They are powerful, well-muscled, and known to be dangerous. American bulldogs have a powerful bite and can easily knock a person to the ground. They were responsible for approximately 15 fatal attacks throughout the study.

Siberian Huskies

Many people love huskies because they look like wolves, so it isn’t shocking that they can sometimes act aggressively. Huskies aren’t as heavy as some dogs on our list but are strong and stubborn. Their genetic makeup also means they like to find prey, and sometimes they can attack people.


Boxers are hardworking dogs and have plenty of muscle and energy. They are also protective, so they can be aggressive towards those they don’t know. If the dog thinks you’re a threat, it may lash out and injure you. The study found they were responsible for seven fatalities, but they have also been involved in non-fatal attacks.

Labrador Retrievers

Labrador retrievers are one of the most popular dogs in the country. They can weigh up to 100 pounds and are known to be friendly family dogs. However, the 2021 study showed they caused about 2% of known attacks. They aren’t usually aggressive, but if they feel threatened, they can hurt people.

Doberman Pinscher

Dobermans were bred to be guard dogs and could be aggressive towards strangers. They caused six deaths according to the dog attack study. Dobermans aren’t as dangerous as some might think, but if you own one, socialize it properly so they aren’t aggressive toward strangers.

Alaskan Malamutes

This dog resembles a Siberian Husky but can weigh up to 100 pounds. These dogs are energetic and can be stubborn. Consider these facts if you acquire one because Malamutes need a lot of training from a young age. They have a powerful bite and can severely injure people if they attack.

Indiana’s Dog Bite Laws

If one of the dangerous dogs on this list attacked and bit you, it’s essential to understand the state’s dog bite laws. Indiana has a one-bite dog rule, which means owners are liable for injuries if they knew or should have known the dog could bite. This usually means proving that the animal was aggressive before or bit another person in the past.

However, a Wagner Reese dog bite lawyer can hold the owner liable if you can prove the owner was negligent. For instance, suppose the dog was left unleashed in an unfenced yard and then attacked you as you walked by. Our attorneys will review your case and explain how Indiana’s dog bite laws may affect your case.

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