• At Pendleton Correctional Facility, three officers have been charged with
    battery, false reporting and felony misconduct for the beating of an inmate.
  • Correctional facilities and jail staff still have a duty to their inmates
    to ensure the safety of those in their charge regardless of what crimes
    are committed that result in an individual being incarcerated.
  • There are many cases, similar to this, that attribute to negligence or
    abuse from prison guards or other inmates. Fortunately, our laws provide
    two means—criminal and civil—to protect and enforce an individual’s
    constitutional rights.
  • Wagner Reese attorneys understand the complexities of federal civil rights
    litigation and how to plead a case for victims. We are unstoppable at
    seeking out answers to demand that the responsible parties are held accountable.

Pendleton Officers Face Felony Charges For Beating Inmate

Three former officers at the Pendleton Correctional Facility have been
arrested on felony charges and have been accused of beating an inmate
February 24. The attack was captured by surveillance cameras and shows
the handcuffed inmate was punched in the face, kneed in the chest and
slammed aggressively into a holding cell wall. The prison officers did
not know the surveillance cameras had been recently installed. The County
Prosecutor has said the beating was supposedly in retaliation for the
inmate spitting at the officers the day before.

The men arrested are Matthew Franklin, 29, of Daleville, and Zachary Graham,
30, of Pendleton. Both men are facing felony charges of Battery with Moderate
Injury and Official Misconduct. Jonathan Reed, 29, of Anderson, was charged
with Level 6 Felony Official Misconduct and misdemeanor False Reporting.
It’s been reported that the inmate suffered injuries to several
areas of his upper body, including a broken jaw. We will keep you updated
on the status of this case, but we hope justice is reached for this inmate.

Civil Rights Violations: NOT a Thing of the Past

Unfortunately, we know all too well that this just isn’t some story. Human
rights are often violated for those serving time in jail and prison. And it remains important to
remember that regardless of what crimes are committed that result in an
individual being incarcerated, State and Federal law requires that certain
standards and rights be upheld in prisons and jails. When they are not,
damages may be awarded to an inmate.

In Indiana there is statutory a cap on damages for negligence cases against
government agencies or actors. The cap is currently $700,000. However,
many police brutality (and jail death cases) involve violations of federal
civil rights under 42 U.S.C. §1983. There is no cap on damages in
federal civil rights cases, and attorney fees can be recovered from the
defendant. Our attorneys understand the complexities of federal civil
rights litigation and know how to plead a case, so your claim is not limited
by the state tort claims cap.

Restoring Justice

Wagner Reese attorneys are the right choice to represent you in all prison
wrongful death and other civil rights violation cases. We also understand that prisoners
can be very vulnerable to those who care for them as they repay their
debt to society, and we know all inmates have constitutional rights.

If you have a loved one who has been injured in jail or prison, we can
help you to ensure they do not have to suffer. Talking to our experienced
attorneys can be the beginning of finding justice. Call our
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