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Four family members were driving home to Newburgh from the Bands of America
Grand National Championships in Indianapolis when a terrible tragedy occurred
on I-69. David, Ruth, Sophie, and Josie Rinehart were southbound on I-69
on November 13 when their vehicle struck a deer. The family pulled over
to the side of the road to wait for police assistance, but by the time
an officer responded to the scene, a deadly secondary crash had taken
place. The pickup truck of 19-year-old Mason William Hartke had left the
road and struck the Rinehart’s vehicle, killing David Rinehart,
46, Ruth Rinehart, 74, and Sophie Rinehart, 17. 18-year-old Josie Rinehart
was taken to IU Health Bloomington Hospital for treatment of minor injuries.
Mason William Hartke was taken to the hospital with an arm fracture.

Fatal Storm of Accident Factors

The loss of these three family members truly is the result of a terrible
set of circumstances. First, the Rinehart family accident began with a
deer-vehicle collision (DVC). Deer-vehicle collisions are incredibly common
this time of year, as deer are in active mating season and tend to be
more present around roadways. These seemingly adorable creatures actually
pose quite a significant threat to humans, with DVCs killing nearly 200
people each year and injuring thousands.

Once the family’s vehicle hit the deer, they pulled their damaged
vehicle over and waited for police assistance. Both of those steps (pulling
over, waiting for police) are exactly the right things to do in such an
instance. Unfortunately in this case, a secondary accident occurred when
Mason William Hartke left the road, driving onto the shoulder and hitting
the Rinehart’s car while the family was still inside.

Secondary accidents are those that occur inside the scene of another accident
or within the traffic buildup or queue caused by an initial accident.
Though not all states track secondary accidents in a systemic fashion,
some states have found secondary crashes to account for more than 20%
of all statewide vehicle accidents.

Nov. 22 Update: Though initially investigators did not know why Hartke’s vehicle
was driving on the shoulder, we now know the true cause behind this awful
crash. Mason William Hartke had been to visit friends at Indiana University,
where he had been drinking. The
Greene Country prosecutor has now charged Hartke with three counts of operating a vehicle while
intoxicated causing death and three counts of reckless homicide. Investigators
found no evidence of an attempt by Hartke to slow or stop his vehicle
in the Rinehart family accident, and Hartke claimed he believed he fell
asleep behind the wheel. At the end of the day, this heartbreaking accident
was caused by an underage drunk driver who failed to consider others when
he got into his vehicle on November 13.

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