• A semi-truck recently collided with a car on the corner of Arlington Avenue
    and Raymond Street, sending two children and a driver to the hospital,
    according to an Indianapolis Fire Department report.
  • A majority of both injuries and fatalities caused by truck accidents involve
    passenger vehicle drivers and its occupants.
  • When a passenger vehicle collides with these large and heavy trucks, the
    people inside often face life-long injuries, emotional and financial strains,
    or even death. The sheer size difference between the two vehicles creates
    additional risks for anyone in the smaller vehicle, which can be 30 times
    smaller than a commercial truck.
  • Understanding the most common causes of accidents can help all road users
    be responsible, alert, and hopefully help prevent them.

Indianapolis Children Sustain Injuries After Hit by Semi Truck

Recent Indianapolis Fire Department reports include a recent collision
between a semi-truck and a Kia Soul passenger vehicle on the corner of
Arlington Avenue and Raymond Street. The crash sent a 12-year-old, front
seat passenger to the hospital with serious injuries and left a woman
driver and her 3-year-old granddaughter with injuries as well, but less
severe. Thankfully no fatalities occurred, and the toddler was strapped
safely into a back-seat car seat. It appears from the report that the
“front of the semi-truck collided with the passenger side of the
car, pulling the car passenger door off, knocking the glass out of the
Kia’s back window and twisting the front hoods of both vehicles.”

With a front or rear impact, the driver and passengers are some distance
from the impact of the crash, but in a side-impact or T-bone collision,
there is only a matter of inches between the collision point and the people
inside the vehicle.

Understanding the Impact of a T-bone Collision

The victims in this crash are very lucky. A T-bone, broadside and right-angle
collisions, can occur when the side of one vehicle is impacted by the
front or rear of another vehicle. When a passenger vehicle collides with
a large and heavy truck such as a semi, the people inside often face serious,
traumatic injuries or even death. The sheer size difference between the
two vehicles creates additional risk for anyone in the smaller vehicle,
which can be 30 times smaller than a commercial truck. Unfortunately,
T-bone accidents are incredibly common and when they occur with a heavy
truck, highly dangerous. These are the most likely situations in which
a broadside accident can occur.

  • Intersections are a frequent site of accidents, comprising up to 50 percent
    of all accidents in urban environments.
  • Amongst intersection accidents, many are T-bone accidents that occur when
    one vehicle is attempting a turn.
  • The collision can take place because the turning vehicle fails to yield
    or doesn’t see the vehicle approaching from the opposite direction.
  • It can also take place if the non-turning driver fails to stop at a traffic signal.

Regardless of how a car accident comes about, the result can be devastating
and long-lasting, especially for the people in the car taking the side
impact such as the young boy in this case. The attorneys at Wagner Reese
wish him, and the other passengers involved, a full recovery.

Keep Child Passengers Safe

On average, more than 300 US children are injured every day while riding
in vehicles and traffic crashes remain a leading cause of death and disability
for children nationwide. Thankfully the children involved in this accident
were buckled into their seats, including the young child in her car seat.
Safety belts save lives and children who are properly secured in car seats
are kept safer in the event of a crash. Use a seat belt in every seat,
on every trip, no matter how short. Make sure children are always properly
buckled in the back seat in a car seat, booster seat, or seat belt, whichever
is appropriate for their age, height, and weight.

Was Your Child Involved in a Motor Vehicle Crash?

If tragedy strikes and you or a passenger are involved in a T-bone crash
or collision with a semi-truck, the team at Wagner Reese can assist. In
the case of a child lost as a result of a truck accident, our expert
wrongful death attorneys can help you to understand your rights and options and will
fight to get your family the compensation you deserve.

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