Two inmates have died at the Fayette County Jail after being found unresponsive
in a holding cell. 37-year-old Chad Sizemore and 30-year-old Thomas Lohr
were transported to a local hospital where they later died. A 26-year-old
inmate, Weslee Jenkins, was also found unresponsive but is currently recovering
at a local hospital.

Investigators say they believe the two men who passed away died after ingesting
an illegal substance that was smuggled into the jail although exact cause
for the deaths are under investigation by a team of detectives and crime
scene investigators. Autopsy and toxicology results that would offer evidence
could take several weeks to conclude.

Jail and Prison Mortality Rates

At this point there has been no allegation of wrongdoing, but there are
far too many instances where prisoners’ lives are changed forever
or they even die as a result of negligent medical care while incarcerated.
According to the
Bureau of Justice Statistics in 2014, a total of 3,483 inmates died in state prisons, 444 in federal
prisons and 1,053 in local jails. In relation, reports from the
Indiana Department of Corrections say that the average for deaths in county jails each year is between eight
and twelve and some would argue that most of those deaths could have been
prevented with proper care and supervision. In state prisons, illness
remains the most common cause of death, accounting for 87 percent of all
deaths in 2014. Cancer and heart disease accounted for more than half
of state prisoner deaths during the year. Because of the budget cuts and
shorthanded staffing most jails in our state face, the inmates and their
access to medical care often suffer as a result.

Keeping Jails and Prisons Accountable

While jails and prisons are intended to keep the general population safe
by keeping criminals off the streets, they are also responsible for ensuring
the individuals entrusted to their facilities are provided the appropriate
care and protection.

Across the country, states and facilities have settled out of court for
hundreds of thousands of dollars, precisely because they knew they were
negligent under the law or that they had violated an inmate’s civil
rights. Many family members of those involved in
jail and prison death events have sought the assistance of Wagner Reese for help finding answers and
justice regarding the death of their loved ones. Wagner Reese has handled
numerous wrongful death and jail death cases in our years of service to
Indiana citizens.

Restore Justice To Your Family

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debt to society, and we know all inmates have a constitutional right to
appropriate medical care.

If you have lost a family member as a result of negligent medical care
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