On March 8th, the world took a moment to celebrate International Women’s Day, a holiday that honors the historical achievements of incredible women – and spreads awareness about the challenges that so many women still face today. Here at Wagner Reese, however, we believe that supporting women is about more than just a single day of celebration. It’s about empowering women to succeed within our own communities and taking the steps required to eliminate systemic problems that affect women most, such as sexual violence and domestic abuse.

By always going the extra mile for their clients and advocating for the rights of injury victims across Indiana and Illinois, the women at Wagner Reese continue to leave lasting contributions on the legal community at large. Our firm has also made it a priority to sponsor events that support women in the law. Most recently, our team sponsored a special event for the IndyBar Women and The Law Division to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, titled “Have We Come a Long Way, Baby?”

Additionally, in August of last year, our firm sponsored the Indianapolis Bar Diversity Job Fair, to encourage a wider spectrum of attorneys to make their mark in Indianapolis and beyond. Because Indiana still tends to lag behind other states when it comes to gender equality in the workplace – especially when it comes to employment options and earning potential – it’s critical for women who are already active in the legal community to lift each other up.

As a personal injury firm with many years of collective experience, we feel that we have a responsibility to advocate for those who have suffered from injustice and discrimination. By remaining committed to the principles of gender equality and empowering women in every area of the law, we hope to continue moving the needle towards justice – and changing our homes, schools, and workplaces for the better.

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